MS 297 LaForce Collection

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San Diego History Center Document Collection
LaForce, Beatrice
LaForce, James
LaForce Collection
MS 297
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1952-1983
Date [inclusive]
7.0 Linear feet (7 boxes)
This collection contains property and fire damage appraisals produced by James LaForce during his career as an independent appraiser of agricultural land in the 1950s to 1970s, as well as reports on Warner Ranch and reports prepared for the City of San Diego.

Preferred Citation

LaForce Collection, MS 297, San Diego History Center Document Archives, San Diego, CA.

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Biographical / Historical Notes

James Clayburn LaForce lived in Alpine and was a resident of San Diego County beginning in 1910. LaForce graduated from the University of California with a degree in Economics, with additional work in Animal Husbandry and Agronomy. He worked for twelve years with the Agricultural Commissioner and State Department of Agriculture in the areas of agricultural research and agricultural law enforcement. He also had extensive experience in San Diego County in short-term agricultural financing and farm management. In 1959, LaForce served as Agricultural Consultant for the City of San Diego, responsible for leasing and managing the City’s agricultural properties.

LaForce worked as an independent appraiser throughout the County from the early 1950s to the late 1970s primarily working with agricultural land: farms, ranches, and other properties used for cattle grazing. He appraised property throughout San Diego County, but his most frequently visited areas included San Pasqual Valley, San Luis Rey Valley, and the Laguna Mountains. LaForce also prepared a number of appraisals for property in the Salton Sea Basin.

His wife, Beatrice, also referred to as Bea, frequently served as photographer and her photos were often included in LaForce’s appraisal reports. Beatrice LaForce also wrote a book on the history of Alpine.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains property and fire damage appraisals produced by James LaForce during his career as an independent appraiser of agricultural land in the 1950s to 1970s, as well as reports on Warner Ranch and reports prepared for the City of San Diego.

The property appraisals were primarily for individual land owners, but also included corporations and other organizations. The bulk of appraisals of fire damage were for properties damaged by the Mesa Grande fire in the Pine Mountain region of San Diego County in September 1956. The quarterly and annual reports on Warner Ranch were prepared for the owners, Vista Irrigation District, between 1960 and 1977, and include information on conditions of the range and cattle herd as well summaries of other activities and agricultural issues.

In his role as Agricultural Consultant/Farm Manager for the City of San Diego, LaForce prepared reports for the City Manager on property leased by the City, including a large number of acres in the San Pasqual Valley. Additionally, this collection contains maps that are unrelated to specific reports, as well as items from Beatrice LaForce that do not pertain to her husband’s agricultural consulting business. Her items include photos of Alpine, the 1928 diary of an unknown woman who lived in Alpine, and a publication on the Burgess Ranch in San Pasqual Valley.

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The collection is arranged into six series:

Series I: Appraisals: Property;

Series II: Appraisals: Fire Damage;

Series III: Warner Ranch;

Series IV: Miscellaneous Reports;

Series V: Miscellaneous Maps;

Series VI: Miscellanea.

Series I is arranged alphabetically by last name of the property owner, or by ranch or property name depending on the original description.

Series II is arranged alphabetically.

Series III is arranged chronologically.

Series IV through VI are arranged alphabetically.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

San Diego History Center Document Collection January 25, 2017

1649 El Prado, Suite 3
San Diego, CA, 92101

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Accession #s 810204; 821021A; 890330; 2000.085; 2004.131

Processing Information

Collection processed by Frank Sweeney in August 2012.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • San Diego (Calif.). Office of the City Manager.
  • San Diego Gas and Electric Company.
  • San Diego Natural History Museum.
  • Santa Fe Irrigation District (Calif.).
  • United States. Air Force.
  • Vista Irrigation District.
  • Zoological Society of San Diego.


  • Brawley (Calif.)

Geographic Name(s)

  • Alpine (San Diego County, Calif.)
  • Borrego Valley (Calif.)
  • Campo (Calif.)
  • Cuyamaca Mountains (Calif.)
  • Dulzura (Calif.)
  • Encinitas (Calif.)
  • Escondido (Calif.)
  • Fallbrook (Calif.)
  • Hemet (Calif.)
  • Hodges, Lake (Calif.)
  • Imperial County (Calif.)
  • Julian (Calif.)
  • La Mesa (Calif.)
  • Laguna mountains
  • Oceanside (Calif.)
  • Pala (Calif.)
  • Palomar, Mount (Calif.)
  • Portrero (Calif.)
  • Poway (Calif.)
  • Ramona (Calif.)
  • Rancho Santa Fe
  • Riverside County
  • Salton Sea (Calif.)
  • San Diego (Calif.)
  • San Diego County (Calif.)
  • San Diego County (Calif.) — Maps
  • San Luis Rey River (Calif.)
  • San Marcos (Calif.)
  • San Pasqual Valley (Calif.)
  • Sweetwater River (Calif.)
  • Tijuana River Valley (Mexico and Calif.)
  • Vista (Calif.)
  • Warner’s Ranch (Calif.)


  • Agriculture — California — San Diego County
  • Farms–California
  • Fires — California — San Diego
  • Ranching

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Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

The majority of the appraisals and reports have been removed from their original folders and placed in archival folders. Photographs were often included with appraisals, usually attached with glue. These were not removed and remain fragile.

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Collection Inventory

 Series I: Appraisals: Property

Agricultural Use of the Tijuana Valley, 19731:1
Agricultural Use of the Tijuana Valley, 19731:2
Agricultural Use of the Tijuana Valley, 19731:3
Appaloosa Horses (Margaret Lowthian, Owner), 19671:4
Architectural Plans (Unknown), 19671:5
Badger, R.E. Property: Rancho Santa Fe, 1959-19601:6
Ball, Howard A.; Fadem, Robert S.; Fuquay, James C.; McCain, James L; Properties: Jacumba, 19571:7
Bond Prather Ridgedale Corporation: Fallbrook, 19606:1
Bouslog, Houston H; Keller, Robert H; Monfort, Gordon W; Properties: Fallbrook, 19601:8
Bowdish, George Homestead: Marron Valley, 19721:9
Bratton 960 Acres: Lyon’s Peak, 19661:10
Braum, B.K. Property: Rancho Santa Fe, 19601:11
Brawley Cattle Company: Brawley, CA, 19731:12
California Water & Telephone Company Land: Sweetwater River Watershed, 19581:13
Campbell Ranch, Vallecito Valley, 19596:2
Campo Ranch (Flora C. Money Property): Campo, 19561:14
Campo Ranch Supplemental Appraisal (Flora C. Money Property): Campo, 19651:15
Cauzza-Richards-Campbell Lawsuit: Vallecito Valley, 19576:3
Chambers, Florence Property (Los Penasquitos Ranch): Poway, 19576:4
Chambers, Florence Property: Poway, 19576:5
Chaney, Ronald C. Property: Warner Valley, 19601:16
Chaney, Ronald Property: Warner Valley, undated1:17
Chaney, Ronald Property: Warner Valley, 19601:18
Chappell Property: Lawson Valley, 19621:19
Chickering, James H. Property: Potrero, 19621:20
Clark Ranch: Dulzura, 19541:21
Comparative Sales Documents, 1956-19601:22
Cook, Ralph & Jeanne Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19611:23
Crestwood Motel Property: Pine Valley/Jacumba, 19701:24
Deer Springs Ranch: Alpine, 19821:25
DeLoach Property: Pamo Valley, 19641:26
Dunbar, Robert Prop.; Avocado Tree Damage: La Mesa, 19671:27
Dunbar, Robert Prop.; Avocado Tree Damage: La Mesa, 19671:28
East San Pasqual Valley Lands, 19561:29
East San Pasqual Valley Lands, 19561:30
Fenton Ranch: San Pasqual Valley, 19501:31
Fenton, Henry Purchase: San Pasqual Valley, 19571:32
Feuerborn Ranch: Fallbrook, 19531:33
Foster, Ralph Ranch: Pamo Valley, 19601:34
Foster, Ralph Worksheets: Pamo Valley, 19601:35
Foster, Ralph Ranch: Pamo Valley, 19601:36
Foster, Ralph Ranch: Pamo Valley, undated1:37
Freeman, John Ranch: Lake Fallbrook, 19681:38
Freeman, John Ranch: Lake Fallbrook, 19681:39
Fuquay, James Ranch: Campo, 19571:40
Fuquay, James Ranch: Campo, 19571:41
Georgeson, Erwin and Lydia Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19581:42
Georgeson, Erwin and Lydia Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19581:43
Hawley Ranch: Ramona, 19561:44
Horne, Robert Property, SDG&E Right of Way: San Elizo, undated1:45
Houghtelin, A.L. & Sons Ranch: Escondido, 19571:46
Houghtelin, A.L. & Sons Ranch: Escondido, undated1:47
Houghtelin Estate: Escondido, 1956-19576:6
Hunt Ranch: Fallbrook area, 19561:48
Imperial Valley Ranchos, undated1:49
Inventory of J.C. LaForce Land Appraisals 1953-1977, undated1:50
Inventory of J.C. LaForce Land Appraisals 1953-1977, undated1:51
Jacobs, Theodore Property: Salton Sea, undated1:52
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 1964-19651:53
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19641:54
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19641:55
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19611:56
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19641:57
Jacobs Ranch, Program for Ranch Development and Management: Salton Sea Basin, 19671:58
Jacobs Ranch: Salton Sea Basin, 19701:59
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19612:1
Jacobs, Theodore Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19612:2
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19642:3
Jacobs Property: Salton Sea Basin, 19646:14
Jasper, Ralph Property: Ranchita, 19652:4
J.P. Investment Corporation Property, 19662:5
Judson, Charles Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19612:6
Judson, Charles Property: San Pasqual Valley, undated2:7
Judson, Frank E. Dairy, 19582:8
Judson, Frank E. Dairy: San Pasqual Valley, 19582:9
Judson-Dyer Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19582:10
Judson-Dyer Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19582:11
Judson-Suhrie Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19582:12
Judson-Suhrie Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19582:13
Kemp & Money Properties: Campo and Laguna Mountains, 1956-19576:7
Knoles and Hoyt Property: Lakeside/Ramona, 19662:14
La Fon, Ralph; Avocado Groves: Valley Center District, 19682:15
Laguna Ranch (Kemp and Money): Laguna Mountains 19562:16
Laguna Ranch (Kemp and Money): Laguna Mountains, 1956-19652:17
Lake Hodges Reservoir Basin, 19532:18
Larabee, Ruth Baird Property: Encinitas, 19602:19
Las Flores Ranch, 19122:20
Lawson Valley Ranch: Jamul, 19562:21
Lawson Valley Ranch: Jamul , 19562:22
Leach Property: Laguna Mountains, undated6:8
Leach Property: Laguna Mountains, undated2:23
Leach, Archie Ranch: Laguna Mountains, 19572:24
Leavey, T.E. Property: San Luis Rey Valley, 19702:25
Leavey, T.E. Property: San Luis Rey Valley, 19652:26
Leavey, T.E. Property: San Luis Rey Valley, 19652:27
LePrade, Ruth Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19592:28
LePrade, Ruth Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19592:29
Listing of Unidentified Parcels, undated6:9
Los Penasquitos Ranch (F. Chambers): Poway, 1956-19632:30
Los Penasquitos Ranch (F. Chambers): Poway, 19632:31
Markes, J.A. Property: Japatul area, 19592:32
Martin, W.E. Property: Vallecitos Valley, 19602:33
Martin, W.E. Property: Vallecitos Valley, 19602:34
McCain, James Ranch: Laguna Mountains (maps), 1957


“McCain Topography” map in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

McCain, James Ranch: Laguna Mountains, undated6:10
McCain, James Ranch: Laguna Mountains, 19712:36
McCain, R.L. Ranch: Salton Sea Basin, 19642:37
McCain, R.L. Ranch: Salton Sea Basin, 19632:38
Miller, Hubert Ranch: Laguna Mountains, undated2:39
Miller, Hubert Ranch: Laguna Mountains, 19572:40
Minitron, Inc. Property: Encinitas, undated2:41
Minitron, Inc. Property: Encinitas, 19572:42
Miscellaneous Photos from Unidentified Appraisals, undated2:43
Museum of Natural History: Encinitas Property, 19602:44
Mushet, Mike Property: Sentenac Canyon, 19612:45
Otto, Elmer Property: Alpine, 19632:46
Owen, William J. Ranch: Ramona Valley, undated2:47
Owen, William J. Ranch: Ramona Valley, 19602:48
Owen, William J. Ranch: Ramona Valley, 19602:49
Owen, William J. Ranch: Ramona Valley, 19566:11
Pala and Gormley, undated6:12
Pala Ranch (Wight Property): San Luis Rey Valley, 1957


“Comparative Sales”, “Lucio Property” maps (7) in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

Pala Ranch (Ridgedale Corp Property): San Luis Rey, 19602:51
Palavaca Ranch (Ridgedale Corp. Property): San Luis Rey, 19592:52
Palo Verde Ranch, undated2:53
Pamo Valley, 1960


“Pamo Reservoir Site” map in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

Pamo Valley, 19602:55
Pamo Valley, 19752:56
Pamo Valley Ranching Opportunity, 19603:1
Phillips, Guy Property: Palomar Mountain, 19623:2
Photographs: Unidentified Locations, undated3:3
Pressey Properties: Vista, 19573:4
Pressey Ranch: Riverside County, 19573:5
Prohoroff Poultry Farms: San Marcos, 19693:6
Prohoroff Poultry Farms: San Marcos, 19696:13
Prohoroff Poultry Farms: San Marcos, 19693:7
Rancho Matate (H. Ball Property): Alpine, 19623:8
Rancho Santa Fe (Monticello subdivision), 19593:9
Rancho Santa Fe (Braum property/SDG&E easement), 19603:10
Rice Canyon/Pala Ranch: San Luis Rey, 19593:11
Right of Way SDG&E: Encinitas, 1956-19573:12
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (Kelly Ranch), 19563:13
Right of Way SDG&E: (Markes Property), 1959-19603:14
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (Olton Property), 19563:15
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo Lagoon (Scott Property), 19563:16
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (Arnold), 1956-19583:17
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (R.S. McCallen Property), 19563:18
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (Estes Property), 19563:19
Right of Way SDG&E: San Elizo (8 Ranches), 19563:20
Rockwood-Deal Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19633:21
Roden Reservoir Site: Santa Ysabel Creek, 19773:22
Rotanzi, Alwin Property: Ramona, 19593:23
Rotanzi, Alwin Property: Ramona (SDG&E Easement), 1954-19593:24
Rotanzi, Alwin Property: Ramona, 19533:25
Rotanzi, Alwin Property: Ramona, 19533:26
Rotanzi, Alwin Property: Ramona, 19533:27
Rough Acres Ranch: Laguna Mountains, 19593:28
Rough Acres Ranch: Laguna Mountains, undated3:29
Rough Acres Ranch Work Material: Laguna Mountains, 19596:15
San Diego Zoological Society: San Pasqual Valley, 1971-19783:30
San Felipe, Kitchen Valley, Cuyamaca, Volcan, Cameron, Kelly Ranches: Julian (maps), 1952


“Volcan-San Felipe Land Map” in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

San Pasqual Academy: San Pasqual Valley, 19603:32
San Pasqual Lands (Judson, Judson-Suhrie), 19583:33
San Pasqual Photos (Sweetwater Fruit Co., unidentified), undated3:34
San Vicente Ranch (portion), 19573:35
San Vicente Ranch, 19563:36
San Vicente Ranch, 19573:37
Santa Fe Irrigation District Property (SDG&E easement): Rancho Santa Fe, 19573:38
Santa Fe Irrigation District: Rancho Santa Fe, 19683:39
Santa Fe Irrigation District General Correspondence, 19603:40
Santa Fe Irrigation District: Rancho Santa Fe, undated3:41
Santa Fe Irrigation District: Rancho Santa Fe, undated3:42
Santa Fe Irrigation District Undeveloped Property, 19583:43
Santa Fe Irrigation District Undeveloped Property, 19583:44
Santa Fe Irrigation District Water Processing Plant, 19563:45
Santa Fe Irrigation District Reservoir/Roadway Site, 19603:46
Santa Fe Irrigation District Treatment Plant (Adjacent Areas), 19693:47
Santa Margarita Enterprises: Lease Correspondence, 1957-19586:17
Santa Margarita Enterprises: Correspondence, 1958-19596:18
Santa Ysabel Ranch, Fenton Ranch, 19593:48
Scarbery, D.E. (San Vicente Ranch) Appraisal Material, 19576:19
Sell, V. Property: Borrego Valley, 19563:49
Sell, V. Property: Borrego Valley, 19563:50
Sherriff-Downing Property: San Marcos (maps), 19603:51
Sutherland Reservoir Basin (Santa Ysabel Creek), 19773:52
Stallion Oaks: Cuyamaca Mountains, 19733:53
Stone and Leach Ranch: Campo, 19533:54
Sweetwater Fruit Company Properties: Sweetwater, 19573:55
Sweetwater Fruit Company Properties Exhibit Volume, 19573:56
Sweetwater Fruit Company, 19574:1
Swycaffer Property: Julian, 19604:2
Swycaffer Property: Julian, 19616:20
Tijuana River Valley: Part 1, 1971-19736:21
Tijuana River Valley: Part 2, 1971-19736:22
Urquhart Ranch: Vallecitos Valley, 1956


“Urquhart Maps” (2) in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

Von Allmen Ranch: Ramona, 19584:4
Walker, George Property: San Luis Rey Valley, 19684:5
Walker, George Property: San Luis Rey Valley, 19704:6
Whelen, Ellen Ranch: Oceanside, undated4:7
Whelen and Sutro Ranches: San Luis Rey Valley, 19684:8
Whelen and Sutro Ranches: San Luis Rey Valley, 19684:9
Whelen and Sutro Ranches: San Luis Rey Valley, 19684:10
Wiegand, Alwin Property: Encinitas, 19624:11
Wiegand, Alwin Property I: Encinitas, 19614:12
Wiegand, Alwin Property II: Encinitas, 19614:13
Wiegand Properties, Inc.: Encinitas, 19664:14
Wiegand Property: Encinitas (SDG&E easement), 19594:15
Wild Animal Park: San Pasqual Valley, 19744:16
Wild Animal Park, Warner Ranch and Misc. Data, 1964-19774:17
Winslow, Stephen Property: Alpine, 1956-19594:18
Winslow, Stephen Property: Alpine, 19596:23
Wilt Property: Fallbrook, 19604:19
Wolfskill Property: Hemet, 19604:20
Wood Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19584:21
Wood Property: San Pasqual Valley, 19594:22

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 Series II: Appraisals: Fire Damage

Alford, Arthur Ranch, 19564:23
Alford, Arthur Ranch, 1956-19726:24
Angel, Jack Ranch, 19564:24
Angel, Kenneth and Evelyn, 19564:25
Angel, Kenneth Ranch, 1956-19574:26
Angel, Milton and Dorothy, 19564:27
Angel, Milton Ranch, 1956-19574:28
Angel, Philip and Nellie Ranch, 19564:29
Angel, Philip Ranch, 1956-19586:25
Angel, Robert Ranch, 1956-19574:30
Angel, Vance (Jr. and Sr.) Ranch, 1956-19574:31
Angel, Vance Jr., Sr. and Grace Ranch, 1958-19594:32
Angel, Vance Jr., Sr. and Grace Ranch, 19564:33
Appraisal of Mesa Grande Pine Mountain Burn, 19564:34
Broberg, Blanche Ranch, 19564:35
Broberg, Blanche Ranch, 1956-19584:36
Broberg, Blanche Ranch, 19564:37
City: Mesa Grande Burn, 1955-19614:38
Clark, Harold Property, 19694:39
DeForest, Mary Ranch, 19564:40
DeForest, Mary Ranch, 1957-19584:41
Grammer, Martin Ranch, 19564:42
Hindes, Whitney F. Ranch, 1956-19574:43
Hindes, Whitney F. Ranch, 19564:44
Kelly, Carroll and Alice Ranch, 19564:45
Kelly, Carroll and Alice Ranch, 19564:46
Kelly, Carroll and Alice Ranch, 1956-19574:47
Meade, Reginald and Hazel Ranch, 19564:48
Meade, Reginald Ranch, 1956-19584:49
Meade, Reginald and Hazel Ranch, 1958-19594:50
Mesa Grande Burn Appraisal Miscellaneous Papers, 1956-19594:51
Mesa Grande Burn Ownership Maps, 19584:52
Mesa Grande Burn, undated4:53
Mesa Grande Burn, undated4:54
Morris, John and Ida Ranch, 19564:55
Morris, Vernon Ranch, 1956-19584:56
Potter, Ralph and Carolyn Ranch, 19564:57
Potter, Ralph and Carolyn Ranch, undated4:58
Potter, Ralph Ranch, 1956-19574:59
Rowny, J.F. Ranch, 1956-19584:60
Rowny, J.F. Ranch, 19564:61
Rowny, J.F. Ranch, undated4:62
Rynerson, Fred and Beulah Ranch, undated4:63
Rynerson, Fred and Beulah Ranch, 19564:64
Rynerson, Fred and Beulah Ranch, 1956-19586:26
San Bernardino Air Material Area (US Air Force), 1956-19574:65
School of the Natural Order, 1956-19584:66
School of the Natural Order, 19564:67
School of the Natural Order, undated4:68
Vista Irrigation District Property, 1956


Map “Vista Irrigation District: Lake Henshaw and Warner Ranch” in Oversize Collections D10 FA.


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 Series III: Warner Ranch

Warner Ranch File, 1959

Scope and Content:

Map “Boundary of Sawday Lease, 1945” in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

Warner Ranch File Part I, 19606:27
Warner Ranch File Part II, 19607:1
Warner Ranch Report: Section II, 19604:71
Warner Ranch: Improvements and Correspondence, 1960-19617:2
Warner Ranch Correspondence, 1961-19647:3
Warner Ranch File, 19615:1
Bidart, Leonard: Lease of Warner Ranch, 1961-19657:4
Annual Report, 19615:2
Annual Report, 19615:3
Warner Ranch Correspondence, 19627:5
Quarterly Report, January – March, 19625:4
Warner Ranch File, 19637:6
Quarterly Report, April – May, 19635:5
Annual Report, 19635:6
Warner Ranch Correspondence, 19647:7
Quarterly Reports, 19645:7
Warner Ranch File, 19657:8
Quarterly Reports, 19655:8
Quarterly Reports, 1965-19675:9
Quarterly Reports, 19665:10
Warner Ranch File, 19657:9
Quarterly Reports, 19675:11
Warner Ranch File, 19675:12
Quarterly Reports, 19685:13
Warner Ranch File, 19685:14
Quarterly Reports, 19695:15
Quarterly Report, January – March, 19705:16
Quarterly Reports, 19705:17
Quarterly Report, July – September, 19705:18
Quarterly Reports, 19715:19
Quarterly Reports, 1972-19735:20
Quarterly Reports, 19725:21
Report of Warner Ranch Dig, 19735:22
Quarterly Reports, 1973-19745:23
First Quarterly Report, Fiscal Year 1974-19755:24
Fourth Quarterly Report, Fiscal Year 1976-19775:25
Warner Ranch Solar Power Plant, 19835:26
Soil and Water Conservation Plan, undated5:27

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 Series IV: Miscellaneous Reports

Data on Lake Hodges Reservoir, undated


Map “Lake Hodges Tract No. 1” in Oversize Collections D10 FA.

Environmental Impact Report, Lake Jennings Ranch (Lakeside), 19775:28
Green Strip, A City’s Farm Experiment, 1969-19725:29
Lake Jennings Ranch Specific Plan Report (Lakeside), 19775:30
Preliminary San Pasqual Valley “Green Zone,” undated5:31
Report for Riparian Search, San Pasqual Valley, undated5:32
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 19615:33
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1962-19635:34
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1964-19655:35
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1965-19665:36
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1966-19675:37
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1968-19695:38
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1971-19725:39
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1971-19725:40
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1972-19735:41
Report to City on Agricultural Leases, 1976-19775:42
San Pasqual Valley Agricultural Prospectus, 19765:43
San Pasqual Valley Properties and Water Rights, 1956


Maps (4) in Oversize Collections D10 FA.


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 Series V: Miscellaneous Maps

Dump Wagon Blueprint: Horse & Buggy Museum, Smithsonian Institute, undatedD10:FB1
Glen Oaks: Galloway Valley, undatedD10:FB2
Lakeview Quadrangle, Riverside County, undatedD10:FB3
Map of San Diego County, undatedD10:FB4
Rancho San Jose: “Development Plan Case ‘C’”, undatedD10:FB5
Read/Boyd Residence Blueprint, undatedD10:FB6
Record of Survey Portion T125 R9E, Imperial County, undatedD10:FB7
Record of Survey Portion T125 R9E, Imperial County: Key Map, undatedD10:FB8
San Luis Rey River Valley Irrigation System Map, undatedD10:FB9

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 Series VI: Miscellanea

Alpine, CA photos, undated7:11
Antique Theater Programs, 1910-19137:12
Bernardo Ranch Headquarters historic photo, Escondido, undated7:13
Date Book, 1928

Scope and Content:

Diary of unknown Alpine, CA woman.

Harbor Blueprint, Inc. invoice, 19777:15
La Mesa, 1972

Scope and Content:

Folder containing inventory of photos or other documents (no photos included).

Lincoln Centennial Memorial Program, La Jolla, 19097:17
Miscellaneous Bills from Beatrice LaForce, 1914-19607:18
Report: “Some Climatic and Physiographic Features of the Burgess Ranch, San Pasqual Valley” by Ford Ashman Carpenter, with photos, 1939

Scope and Content:

In Oversize Collections D10 FA.


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