Bishop George Dallas McKinney

Throughout Bishop McKinney’s life he has been committed to going above and beyond to help and to serve those in need, in his community and across the globe. He didn’t just talk about it, he got it done.

-Wendy McKinney

Bishop George Dallas McKinney, son of a sharecropper, was born August 9, 1932 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He graduated magna cum laude from Arkansas State College where he received a Bachelor’s degree of Sociology. He went on to study social work at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Social Work. McKinney received his MA from Oberlin College School of Theology in Ohio and a PhD from California Graduate School of Theology in Glendale, California.

Along with his late wife Dr. Jean C. McKinney, Bishop McKinney founded St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ and served as senior pastor from 1962. Beginning in 1985, Bishop McKinney served as Jurisdictional Prelate of Southern California and as a member of the General Board (the presidium) of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Bishop McKinney began his career as a probation officer and a renowned licensed marriage and family therapist. He created a private school and a day care center for low-income children and founded two senior residential facilities that house over 130 low-income seniors to ensuring they have a safe and comfortable place to live. Bishop McKinney collaborated with numerous San Diego organizations to help mitigate crime, racism, and poverty. He saw a need and he worked tirelessly to meet the need.

He received several awards and honors in the areas of religion and community service and served as an advisor to President George W. Bush. In addition to his tireless work in service of the community, Bishop McKinney authored more than ten books and contributed to many more.

Throughout his life Bishop McKinney worked hard to help those who are less fortunate. To his family and friends, he was not only kind, caring, and gentle but also wicked smart. He had a special way of encouraging others and making them feel significant and special when others might not have. Bishop McKinney married Attorney Barbara Warren in 2008, was the proud father to five sons by Jean, his late first wife of 47 years, and was the grandparent of 15. Bishop McKinney passed away March 20, 2021 at the age of 88.