Dr. Tristaca McCray

Dr. Tristaca McCray is the Founder and President of NERDS RULE INC., a multi-award winning leading humanitarian organization giving communities, schools, partners a healthy start to learn and become effective leaders.

Dr. McCray’s desire is to continue to empower people in need is ingrained in her DNA. Her mission is deeply personal and designed to inspire and empower these individuals through a variety of projects, workshops, and conferences to help them recognize their full potential and become accomplished leaders.

As a respected and nationally recognized leader in the community and nonprofit sector, Dr. McCray continues to plant seeds of HOPE across the world.

Dr. Tristaca created the NERDS RULE INC. T.R.I.B.E Ambassador Project and the Fellows Program and it has changed the life of so many teens, youth and young adults around the world. She continues to uplift us in the pandemic with love, hope , prayers and she reminds us to continue to do self-care. We call her Ms. T, but the world will know Dr. Tristaca as a global ICON.