One b/w negative showing store interior. Men and women are seen at cash register and on other side of counter. Candy and cigarette products are seen in background.

City directory, year 1960, shows entry for “Arrow Food Store (Jack Schindler) 2537 Imperial av.” City directory, year 1960, shows entry for “Schindler Jack (Clara ; Arron Food Store) h6047 Meade” City directory, year 1978, shows entry for “Arrow Mart (Jack S and Ernest Schindler) gro 2537 Imperial Av” City directory, year 1980, shows entry for “Arrow Mart (Geo Halbo & Hermiz Halbo) gro 2537 Imperial Av” Original Baynard index card, filed under “Arrow Mart”, reads “Arrow Mart / No. 4131 / Mr WE Barnett / Arrow Mart Store / 8462 Sunset Blvd. / Los Angeles / Calif / [2 8×10]”

According to additional information provided by the community on 3/2011: This is the interior to the Arrow Mart. Man on the left is Elezo Cooper who was a clerk at the Arrow Mart.