(Documentary Artifact): One b/w negative of five people at the Mesa Grande Post Office and General Store with car parked in front. A gas pump is in front of the building. A round sign near the car reads: ‘RED CROWN [GASO]LINE’. A sign hanging on the building reads: ‘POST OFFICE/ MESA GRANDE CAL. ALTITUDE/ 3450 FT./ CLEASON AMBLER. GENERAL MERCHANT.’

Notes on negative envelope:
86:15900-1059/ Davis Coll./ dup. Neg./ Mesa Grande Post Office/ + General Store/ 1930

According to additional information provided by the community on 10/2011: Man standing in the center with hands on hips is Arthur Stone, son-in-law to the proprietor Mrs. Ambler. Later he and wife, Lettie, became owners.