(Documentary Artifact): One b/w negative of a view of the Mesa Grande campo santo or cemetery with graves decorated with wreaths, ribbons and flowers. Grave of Chief Cinon Duro (also known as Cinon Mataweer Duro) is marked by a large cross at left. According to original negative envelope, date is November 3, 1933 not December 1933.

Notes on negative envelope:
86:15900-1080/ Davis Coll./ dup. Neg./ Mesa Grande/ Campo Santo – Mesa Grande Indian cemetery by daylight, Dec. 1933

According to additional information provided on 9/2011 by a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: November 3rd is the next day after the Candlelighting ceremony practiced by the San Diego Reservations. Candlelighting is the night of November 2nd and families go into the cemetery early in the day to clean the family graves and decorate them with wreaths and other flower arrangements in preparation for the Mass for the Dead and the candles that are lit on all the graves. Some people leave gifts on the graves of food or objects that their deceased relative enjoyed. It is associated with the annual mourning ceremony Keruk or Karuk and with the Catholic practices from Mexico connected to All Souls Day.