OP 12550-107

(Documentary Artifact): Four b/w photographic prints of a girl and boy, Juana Mori and Ansiano Mori (also spelled Ansiono Mori/Mora/More) posing outdoors next to a timber porch post of an adobe brick or stone structure. Juana’s hair is pulled back in two ponytails and she wears a blouse, jumper dress, stockings, and shoes. Ansiano is barefoot and wears a long-sleeve shirt and overalls.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 12550-107/ MN 86:15752-107/ JUANA & ANSIANO MORA/ 1908
Image 2: [ Same as Image 1]/ (DUPLICATE)
Image 3: OP 12550-107/ MN 86:15752-107/JUANA & ANSIONO MORE/ 1908/ 1904/ (DUPLICATE)/ IN REF BOOK/ 41
Image 4: OP 12550-107/ MN 86:15752-106 JUANA MORI, 1908/ (DUPLICATE)/ 41