OP 12550-121

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of a group of men performing the Ne Mulp death ceremony for Cinon Duro (also known as Cinon Mataweer Duro), chief of the Mesa Grande Indians. About five or six men are on their hands and knees in front of two men who are standing. Edward H. Davis wears a white shirt and is on his hands and knees in the front row. Antonio LaChapa (wearing a hat) stands in front of him. Rafael Charley is the other man standing, wearing a net skirt with feathers and headdress. A couple of other men in the photo are possibly wearing feather headdresses as well. The photo was taken at outdoors at night.

This photograph is very similar to OP 12550-121A and may either be the Ne Mulp death ceremony for Maria Juana Duro or Chief Cinon.

Notes on verso of print:
SIMILAR TO: OP 12550-121/ 86:15752-121/ IN REF BOOK / [Written by Davis:] Death ceremony for the old Chief Cinon/ Ne mulp/ 1907?/ [underlined] 1906/ M.G./ at Mesa Grande/ + EHD in front row in white shirt/ Antonio Lachapa in front of me + Rafael Charley in feather kilt