OP 12550-122

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of Maria Luisa (also spelled Maria Luisa Carmel/Maria Louisa Carmel) sitting on the ground and preparing acorn meal. She holds a shallow basket in her hands and shakes it over another basket. A pile of acorns is on the ground next to her.

Notes on verso of print:
Image 1: OP 12550-122/ 86:15752-122/ 1903/ [Written by Davis:] Maria Louisa preparing acorn meal – Mesa Grande/ California/ full size/ [crossed out:] For picture postal/ Engraving to be/ [cropping marks] 3 inches
Image 2: OP 12550-122/ 86:15752-122/ MARIA LUISA SEPARATING ACORN MEAL, 1903/ (DUPLICATE)/ 9880/ OP 12572-371/ 15460-28/ OP 125752-123