OP 12550-13

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of an elderly woman, Maria Antonia Cuero (also spelled Maria Antonio Cuero/Cuera). She wears a scarf tied around her head and a dark-colored cloth dress.

Caption on lower right corner of image: Copr. 1912/ By EH Davis

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #O.P. 12550-13/ MARIA ANTONIO CUERO/ #MN 86:15752-13/ SANTA YSABEL
Image 2: #O.P. 12550-13/ 86:15752-13/ MARIA ANTONIO CUERO/ SANTA YSABEL/ IN REF BOOK
Image 3: O.P. 12550-13/ MARIA ANTONIO CUERO/ MN 86:15752-13/ 5/SANTA YSABEL