OP 12550-15

(Documentary Artifact): Five b/w photographic prints of Yellow Sky (also known as A-mi Qut-a-Qus, Qut A Qus, Amaay Kwakwas) sitting on the ground outdoors facing the camera. Location may be Los Conejos.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #OP 12550-15/ QUT-A-QUS/ MN 86:15752-15/ ALSO SEE: 86:15700-1210/ YELLOW SKY YUMA/
Image 2: #86:15900-1210/ also see #86-15752-15/ # 12550-15/ YELLOW SKY YUMA/ (IN REF BOOK)
Image 3: #OP 12550-15/ QUT-A-QUS/ WN 86:15752-15/YELLOW SKY YUMA/Qut A Qus/ 5/ IN REF BOOK
Image 4: #OP 12550-15/ 86:15752-15/ QUT A QUS/ YELLOW SKY/ [Possibly written by Davis:] Miss B/ A-mi’ ghop-soo’/Tap-shirp’ – or/qut-a-qus’/ Los Conejos/ Sept 1912
Image 5: #86:15752-15/ or #86:15900-1210/ #OP 12550-15/ (IN REF BOOK)/ [Possibly written by Davis:] A-mi’ qua-qus’/ Yellow Sky/ Conejos 1912/ By EH Davis/ 9