OP 12550-19

(Documentary Artifact): Four b/w photographic prints of Yellow Sky (also known as A-mi Qut-a-Qus, Qut A Qus, Amaay Kwakwas) standing in front of brush, possibly at a campsite. He is barefoot and wears a breechcloth and his long grey hair hangs nearly to his knees. There is an axe, blankets, and a tin pail behind him.

Caption on lower right corner of image 1 and 2 : Copr. 1912/ By EH Davis

Notes on verso:
Image 1: OP 12550-19/ 86:15752-19/ 5/ YELLOW SKY – YUMAN INDIAN AKA qut-a-qus
Image 2: OP 12550-19/ MN 86:15752-19/ YELLOW SKY/ YUMA/ qut-a-qus
Image 3: #OP 12550-19/ # 86:15752-19/ (IN REF BOOK)/ [Possibly written by Davis:] A mi qut-a-gus’/ Sky-yellow/ Los Conejos/ Sept 1912
Image 4: #OP 12550-19/ # 86:15752-19/ (IN REF BOOK)/ YELLOW SKY/ YUMAN INDIAN/ [Stamped:] OCT 21 1912 [Possibly written by Davis:] qut-a-qus/ 1912