OP 12550-21

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of an elderly woman, Maria Luisa Quinyilochi (also spelled Maria Luisa Quinyilsch), sitting on the ground under a structure built of logs and branches. She wears a cloth blouse and long skirt. On the ground next to her is a woven basket with a small bowl inside. A cat and a man are in the background. A mountain is visible in the distance.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #OP 12550-21/ MN# 86:15752-20/ #15492/ IN REF BOOK/ Also 86:15900-784/ MARIA LUISA QUINYILOCHI/ 5
Image 2: #OP 12550-21/ MN 86:15752-20/ OP12572-359/15492/ Maria Luisa Quinyilsch/ Also 86:15900-784/ 5