OP 12550-29

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of an outdoor portrait of a 6 year old Pechanga Indian girl, Monica Contreras, holding her hair back with her right hand. She is barefoot and wears a checkered-print dress. Similar to 86:15900-765; notes on this negative indicate the girl may be named Leona Arailla rather than Monica Contreras.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: OP12550-29/ #86:15752-29/ MONICA CONTRERAS/ PECHANGA INDIAN/ SEPT. 1912
Image 2: OP12550-29/ MN 86:15752-29/ Monica Contreras/ Pechanga/ Sept 1912
Image 3: OP12550-29/ MN 86:15752-29/ IN REF BOOK/[Written by Davis:] Monica Contreras/ Child – 6 yrs at Pechanga/ Sept. 28 1912/ EHD