OP 12550-35

(Documentary Artifact): Four b/w photographic prints of Teckle Piapa (also spelled Teck’le Piapa/Paipa) kneeling on the ground outdoors and grinding wheat or acorns with a stone metate and mano. A shallow basket is at the end of the metate. Another shallow basket is on the ground nearby. Trees visible in the background.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: OP#12550-35/ #86:15752-35/ TECKLE PIAPA, INAJA/ MAY 1912/ IN REF BOOK
Image 2: #OP12550-35/ MN#86:15752-35/ # 9879/ Teckle Piapa/ Inaja/ May 1912
Image 3: OP12550-35/ #86:15752-35/ PAIAPA/ [Written by Davis:] Dup. Teck’le Piapa/ Iñaja [Inaja]/ May 1912/ EHD
Image 4: Same as image 1