OP 12550-4

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of a woman, Maria Antonia Piapa (or Paipa), holding a baby. Her hair is pulled back and she wears a plaid-print blanket draped around her shoulders. The baby wears a long-sleeve cotton dress and a bonnet with lace or crochet edging.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #O.P. 12550-4 MARIA ANTONIA PIAPA 1908/ MN 86:15752-4/ SANTA YSABEL
Image 2: 86:15752-4/ #OP 12550-4/ MARIA ANTONIA PIAPA/ SANTA YSABEL/ 1908/ IN REF BOOK

According to additional information provided on 12/2011 by a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: There was a Bureau of Indian Affairs school at nearby reservation Mesa Grande that taught lacemaking to the local young women.