OP 12550-46

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of Eagle Dancers. Five men stand in a row. Each holds up a staff with feathers on top in their right hand. The man at center wears a net sash with feathers and a small headdress.The man next to him wears a net apron with feathers. Similar to photograph OP 12572-91. The men are (possibly) from left to right: Joe Burro Waters (or Jose Agua, Jose Burro, Joe Burro Aguae), Rafael Charley, Narciso Lachappa, Quero Santo, and Antonio Maces. Notes from similar photograph OP 12572-91 state: ‘At The end of The/Srohabit (?) dance/ waving eagle plumes to the/ Dios’

Inscription on lower right corner of image: 15

Notes on verso: #OP 12550-46/ MN 86:15752-46/ #9882/ #15468/ OP 12572-91/ Eagle Dancers 1907/ 15