OP 12550-47

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of Manuel La Chapa (or spelled La Chappa), Tatahuila Dancer. La Chapa’s body is painted in white stripes. He wears a net skirt with hanging feathers and a small feather headdress. He is seen from the right side and is leaning on two sticks which are about knee height. (Davis calls this ‘Ceremonial Rest.’) A structure and men are in the background and to the right.

Inscription on lower right corner of the image: 15/ copyright symbol

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #OP 12550-47/ MN 86:15752-47/ #15473/ OP 12572-6/ OP 12572-92/ Tatahuila Dancer/ Manuel La Chapa/ 15
Image 2: OP #12572-92/ 12550-47 (duplicate) / MN 86-15752-47/ Manuel Chapa/ IN REF BOOK [Written by Davis:] Tatahuilla Dancer, ceremonial rest/ Photo Ed. H. Davis/ 1907
Image 3: OP#121572-92/ OP 12572-92/ MN 86:15752-47/ Op 12550-47/ Duplicate/ 8105/ Title/ Tatahuilla Dancer/ ceremonial rest/ MesaGrande [Mesa Grande], Cal./ On edge in small print-/copyright 1908 by Edward H. Davis/ [Cropping lines and notations]/ TATAHUILA MANUEL LA CHAPA/ MESA GRANDE/ MANUEL CHAPO