OP 12550-50

(Documentary Artifact): Five b/w photographic prints of a Mesa Grande Indian man, Jacobo Duro, looking directly at the camera. His hair and moustache are grey and his hair is tousled. He wears a worn coat and a scarf around his neck. His body and face are in partial shadow.

Embossed on lower right corner of image: Copyright symbol/ Edward H. Davis

Notes on verso:
Image 1:[Written by Davis:] Jacobo Duro/ Mesa Grande / # OP 12550-50/ # 86:15752-50/ IN REF BOOK/ 10
Image 2: [Same as Image 1]/ (Duplicate)/ M.G. INDIAN
Image 3: [Same as Image 1]/ Mesa Grande Indian
Images 4 and 5: [Same as Image 3]