OP 12550-56

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of Cinon Duro (also known as Cinon Mataweer Duro), chief of the Mesa Grande Indians. He wears a net sash with hanging feathers slung over one shoulder and a feather headdress and a bandanna on his head. Trees in the background.

Inscription on lower left of Image 1: 18/ backwards copyright symbol

Notes on verso:
Image 1: #OP 12550-56/ MN 86:15752-56/ OP12572-53/ #15482/ #9890/ OP 12572-2/ OP 12572-198/ OP12572-372/ Chief Cinon/ 18
Image 2: #OP 12550-56/ # 86:15752-56/ Chief Mataweer Cinon Duro/ 18

According to additional information provided by the community on 10/2011: Cinon Duro was the last to do the Eagle Dance.