OP 12550-57

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of an elderly man, Quero Santo, in ceremonial dancing costume. He wears a hawk feather breastplate on his chest and holds a deer toe rattle. On his head is a feathered headdress and a bandanna with feathered head plume with rattlesnake rattle stuck under the bandanna.

Inscription on lower left edge of image: 18

Notes on verso:
Image 1: Quero Santo-in ceremonial dancing costume/Mesa Grande/ # 86:15752-57/ #OP 12550-57/ 1905
Image 2 : #OP 12550-57/ MN 86:15752-57(Duplicate)/ Quero Santo/ 1905/ 18

According to additional information provided on 12/2011 by a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: The object in his right hand appears to be a deer toe rattle. This type of rattle is associated with funerary ceremonies. There are feathered wands stuck into his headband to form the headdress. Feathered wands are bunches of feathers (often owl) tied to a pointed wooden stick.