OP 12550-6

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of an elderly man, Basilio Duro (also spelled Bacilio Duro), holding a walking stick with his right hand and touching his face/moustache with his left hand. He stands outdoors in front of a small log and wears a kerchief, shirt, jacket, pants, and boots. A piece of printed cloth is tucked into his waistband.

Caption on bottom of image:
Image 1 and 2: Basilio Duro/ EH Davis/ 1908
The number 2 is written above ‘Davis’ on Image 2.

Notes on verso:
Image 1: OP# 12550-6/ MN 86: 15752-6/ BASILIO DURO/ album/ IN REF BOOK
Image 2: OP# 12550-6/ BASILIO DURO 1908/ MN 86: 15752-6
Image 3: OP# 12550-6/ MN 86: 15752-6/ BASILIO DURO/ 2/ IN REF BOOK