OP 12550-72

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of Yellow Sky (also known as A-mi Qut-a-Qus, Qut A Qus, Amaay Kwakwas). He is barefoot and wears a breechcloth. His long, grey hair hangs nearly to his knees. There is a wooden structure and a couple of dogs behind him. A metal box and coat are on the ground nearby. Two women are visible around the corner of the house on the right of the image. Notes on this print indicate that the photo may have been taken in Campo, although Yellow Sky lived in Capitan Grande.

Inscription in lower left corner of Image 2: 25

Notes on verso of print:
Image 1: (also OP 12572-356)/ MN 86:15752-72/ #15502/ OP 12550-72/ [Probably written by Davis:] Ami Qutaqus/ Yellow Sky/ 1904
Image 2: [ Same as Image 1]/ (Duplicate)/ 86:15900-1209/ Qut-A-Qus/ CAMPO INDIANS/ 1904/ YELLOW SKY/ YUMA