OP 12550-98

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of two elderly women, (L-R) Juana and Guadalupe (also spelled Guadaloupe) sitting in front of the doorway of a wooden structure. Juana holds a stone pestle over her head to grind acorns in a stone mortar while Guadalupe looks on. An olla is near Juana’s stone mortar.

Notes on verso of print:
Image 1: OP 12550-98/MN 86:15752-98/ IN REF BOOK/ [Possibly written by Davis and crossed out:] for picture postal/ engraving like [illegible]/ [Possibly written by Davis:] full size – / Juana and Guadaloupe pounding acorns/ MesaGrande, [Mesa Grande] California/ [cropping lines] 3 inches
Image 2: OP 12550-98 (DUPLICATE)/MN 86:15752-98/ JUANA GUADLUPE AT MORTAR/ OP 12572-14/ #9891/ OP 125752-297