OP 13029-790

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of Juan Pablo, Edward H. Davis’ guide and interpreter in Santa Rosa, Arizona with three dogs nearby. See also OP 13029-791. Notes in the Davis Negative Log Book state: ‘Secondary shrine of martyred children. Juan Pablo, guide & interpreter, looking at spot where spring broke thru sand. Rocks & stakes made water stop but broke out in other sites in stream bed.’

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 13029-790/ 87:16080-790/ 1919/ [Written by Davis:] Juan Pablo – guide + Interpreter/ at spot where springs broke out/ + rocks placed on top to keep/ them down – Santa Rosa/ Feb 9 1919/ EHD
Image 2: OP 13029-790/ 87:16080-790/ 1919/IN REF BOOK/ Juan Pablo after the slab/ of rock was/ placed over/ the gyser/ the water broke/ out a short distance/ below in 4 places/ which were covered/ by rocks and stakes/ Santa Rosa/ 1919
Image 3: OP 13029-790/ 87:16080-790/ FEB 9 1919