OP 13029-865

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of a view of preparations for Gillespie dam on the Gila River below Arlington, Arizona (see also Davis Scholar Advisory Committee notes below). Notes on the verso of the print state: ’40 days later it all went out in flood.’

Notes on verso of print:
OP 13029-865/ 87:16080-865/ ARLINGTON, AZ/ OCT 1919/ ENV #150/ IN REF BOOK/ [Written by Davis:] Arizona/ Preparations for Dam on Gila below/ Arlington Oct 1919 – 40 days later it/ all went out in flood. EHD

According to additional information provided on 10/2011 by Ken Hedges, Emeritus Curator of California Collections, San Diego Museum of Man and a member of the E.H. Davis Project Scholar Advisory Committee: This is Gillespie Dam, completed in 1921, gradually silted in and choked with tamarisk, and washed out for good in the floods of 1993.