OP 14961-197

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of arrow points, steatite (stone) tubes, spear point and knife point displayed against a wooden plank background. These items are the collection of Padre Cesar Castaldi. According to the Negative Log Book: ‘E.H. Davis’ Identified Source as follows: beginning at left upper corner: 1 Mulege; 2 Mulege; 3 Patro-cinio, near San Ignacio; 4 Mulege; 5 Mulege; 6 & 7 Purificacion (La Paz); 8 Mulege; 9 San Luis (Near La Paz); 10 Calmage; 11 San Ignacio. Steatite tubes from San Francisco, Mulege & San Jose Del Gracia. Very large spear point, La Paz. Semi-circular knife point, La Paz. Large arrow point, La Paz.’

Notes on verso of print:
OP 14961-197/ 88:17050-197/ 15/ B/16-1/ [Possibly written by Davis:] Arrowpoints + stone tubes/ Sr. don Cesar Castaldi – Padre/ Mulege- Apl. 3, 1926/ Baja Cal./ 15