OP 14961-210

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of three bells on the roof of the Loreto Mission where the original bell tower once stood. Two of the bells were cast in 1743 and the third in 1761. A man (possibly Roberto Thomson) stands near the bells.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 14961-210/ 88:17050-210/ 17-10/ The bells occupy/ place where the bell tower stood/ TWO BELLS WERE CAST IN 1743,/ THE THIRD IN 1761/ April 8, 1926/ [Written by Davis:] The bells of Loreto on the/ roof of the Mission/ BC/ EHD 1926
Image 2: OP 14961-210/ 88:17050-210/ 17-10/ Loreto, Baja Cal. Sur/ April 8, 1926/ Bells of the Old Mission/ 1761-1743-1743/ Bells of Loreto on the/ roof of the Mission, occupying/ place where bell tower stood./ The bells were cast in 1743/ the third in 1761/ BC 1926/ [Stamped:] ED. H. DAVIS/ Mesa Grande, Calif.
Image 3: [Same as Image 2]