OP 14961-225

(Documentary Artifact): Two b/w photographic prints of Maria Dolores Delgado sitting on the ground near timber posts and a chair. Similar to OP 14961-225; according to notes on the verso of this print, she is a resident of San Javier and is over 100 years old. Her mother was Mayo Indian from Santa Cruz and father was Mexican. She only speaks Spanish.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 14961-225/ 88:17050-225/ 19/ 19-7/ 4/10/26/ SEE 88:17050-223/ San Javier/ April 10, 1926/ Maria Dolores Delgado over/ 100 yrs old. Mother a Mayo/ from Santa Cruz. Father a/ Mexican from Loreto.
Image 2: [Same as Image 1]