OP 14961-732

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of the church of Jesus Maria, ‘Our Lady of the Rosary,’ with group standing in front. Notes on the verso of the print indicate the persons in the photo are from left: unknown, Epimenio Madero – assistant arriero (muleteer), Marian Megia – Jafe, the priest, Roberto Thomson – assistant, Juan Rodriguez – arriero (muleteer), Juan Rodriguez’s wife, Juan Rodriguez’s two sons. The small plus symbol on the far right edge of the print indicates the wing where Davis’ group had a room.

Notes on verso of prints:
Image 1: OP 14961-732/ 88:17050-732/ JESUS MARIA/ NAYARIT/ CORA INDIANS/ 3/31/1923/ Church at Jesus Maria./ 1. Roberto Thomson – assistant/ 2. Juan Rodriguez – arriero – muleteer/ 3 Padre/ 4 Mariano Megia – Jafe – / 5 Epimenio Madero – asst. arriero/ (MULETEER)/6 – Juan’s wife – 7 – 8 his boys -/ March 31 – 1923./ + in this wing we had a room