OP 15362-1473

(Documentary Artifact): One b/w photographic print of a man wrapped in a blanket, laying on the ground. Four men stand around him, raising their hats in the air. According to notes on the negative envelope (86:15900-2187), image is of a mock funeral rite for Dr. Leland D. Jones. The mourners are from left: Mr. Shreve, Mr. Sherry, Mr. De Latour, Edward H. Davis.

Notes on verso of print: 86:15900-2187/ OP 15362-1473/ OCT 11/ 1920/ MONTEZUMA VALLEY/ MOCK FUNERAL RITE/ RIGHT TO LEFT/ Mr Shreve M. Sherry De La Tour Mr. Davis/ Dr. Leland Jones/ ’tis sad he died so young’/ Montezuma Valley/ Oct. 11 -1920