OP 15362-898

(Documentary Artifact): Three b/w photographic prints of Edward H. Davis on far right with three unidentified Tatahuila dancers and an unidentified man wearing a feather headdress. Davis wears a feather headdress, long haired wig, net skirt with hanging feathers, beaded necklaces, and shirt and pants (possibly made of buckskin). His boots are decorated in various designs and he holds a carved wooden stick. The Tatahuila dancers’ bodies are decorated with white paint and they wear feather headdresses, cloth underskirts, and net skirts with hanging feathers. The Tatahuila dancer to his left holds a rattle. The Tatahuila dancer on the far left holds two wooden sticks.
Notes on verso of prints:
Images 1-3: OP 15362-898/ 86:15900-1892A/ IN REF BOOK/Three Tatahuila dancers (No I.D.)/ with E. H. Davis (right) and man at/ left (no I.D.)