Andreas Brown Collection of San Diego Post Cards.

Andreas Brown.

ca. 1900-1990.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of Andreas Brown.

Access to some fragile items restricted, except by permission of the curator.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: San Diego History Center, Andreas Brown Collection.

Arrangement: by local control number and size, with oversize items in separate flat storage box. Forms part of: San Diego Historical Society Original Print Collection.



The dates in this post card collection ranges from the first decade of the 20th century through the last decade, although the bulk of the material can be dated 1910-1940.

This collection documents both the history of postcards and the history of postcards in San Diego County and Baja California. This collection can be used to obtain images of a place or subject, but also contains the messages of people from or visiting San Diego.

The Andreas Brown collection is arranged in three sections. The first section is an alphabetical listing of communities or areas within greater San Diego. The second section is an alphabetical listing of San Diego’s primary features. The third section concerns Baja California.

Listings of subjects after each area are limited to more prevalent images. All postcards or subjects are not included in the list summaries.


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Box Number 1
001. Alpine-Downtown, the Alpine store, the post office, general views, street scenes, The Fiberglass Menagerie, The Willows.
002. Back Country-mountain roads, cotton industry, Carriso Gorge
003. Borego Springs-Palm Canyon, recreation.
004. Campo-General Store, Viaduct.
005. Cardiff-beach, George’s Restaurant.
006. Carlsbad-downtown, depot, Carlsbad Hotel, Twin Inns, Royal Palms Inn, beach, Army & Navy Academy.
007.Chula Vista-Motels, downtown, churches.

Box Number 2

Coronado 008. Waterfront/Beach
009. Ferry and Other Boats
010. Coronado Bridge
011. Aerial Views
012. Buildings-schools, library, churches, El Cordova Hotel, Biltmore Hotel, residences including those of Spreckels, Schumann-Heink, Rew, Dupee, Greycourt and others
013. Japanese Tea garden
014. General-bath house, Orange Ave., Doubledeck Trolley.


Box Number 3
Coronado 015. Tent City-views, bathhouse, at night, harbor, boat house, dance pavillion, children’s pool, birdseye view, boating, bandstand, tent life, and crowds.

Box Number 4
016. Hotel Del Coronado, Interiors
017. Hotel Del Coronado, The Courtyard
018. Hotel Del Coronado, Novelties, Programs
019. Hotel Del Coronado, Pool and Tennis
020. Hotel Del Coronado, Color Photos
021. Hotel Del Coronado, Exteriors

Box Number 5
022. Hotel Del Coronado, Early Postcards-exteriors.
023. Hotel Del Coronado, Photo Postcards-exteriors.
024. Hotel Del Coronado, Water Views
025. Hotel Del Coronado, exteriors at night
026. Coronado Islands-cove, wildlife
027. Del Mar, General-coast, highway, roads, bluffs, beach, residences (Fairbanks, McCrory), Hotel Del Mar, Stratford Inn, bath house and plunge.

Box Number 6
028. Del Mar–The Race Track-turf club, aerials, celebrities, fair.
029 Delscanso
030. Delzura
031. El Cajon-(Bostonia) El Cajon Valley, flood, Main St., orchards.
032. El Centro-bridge, plank road, Barbara Worth Hotel booklet.
033. Elsinore
034. Encanto
035. Encinitas-street scenes, churches, Golden Lotus Temple, Poinsettia Fields.
036. Escondido-churches, schools, Grand Ave., street scenes, Grape Day, Country Club, residences, orchards, gold extraction, Orange Assn., Kueblers Camp, Lake Wohlford, Escondido Reservoir, Hotel Charlotta, Escondido Dam, 1916 flood, bridge, Lawrence Welk Village.

Box Number 7
037. Escondido (continued)
038. Fallbrook-Main St., school, Temecula River.
039. Foster
040. Golden Hill-Timken Building, Golden Hill Park, residences.
041. Grossmont-Views, Camp Grossmont, Grossmont Inn, Carrie Jacobs Bond house, Madame Schumann-Heink and house, Mt. Helix Theater. Nb
042. Idyllwild
043. Imperial Beach-beach scenes, pier, fishing.
044. Imperial Valley-Plank Road and bridges.

Box Number 8
045. Jacumba-Hot Springs, lodging, Main St., Barbara Worth Café, snow scene, Happy’s Museum, Smuggler’s Cove, Desert View Tower, highways.
046. Jamul
047. Julian-Views, mine interior, downtown, schools, churches, Cuyamaca Lake, Pine Hills Lodge, and snow.
048. Laguna Mountains-Mountain Lodge, snow, cottages.
La Jolla
049. Public Buildings-Bishop School, School, library, playground, Woman’s Club, Art Center, churches.
050. Scripps Institute of Oceanography/Hospital

Box Number 9
La Jolla
051. Restaurants & Business-Girard Ave., Apartment, bank, downtown and the business District
052. The Green Dragon-Tyrolean Terrace, Anna Held’s Ark.
053. Residences-beach houses, Walt Mason residence, Moulton Villa, Scripps Residence.
054. Casa De Manana-coast, hotel, interior and exteriors.
055. La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
056. Hotels and Apartments-WindandSea, Colonial Apt. Hotel, Hotel Cabrillo, LaValencia Hotel and other hotels.

Box Number 10
La Jolla
057. Hotels and Apartments (continued)
058. Coast Formations-Natural Arch, Cathedral Arch, Devils Slide, Sphinx Head, Witches Cauldron, Devil’s Slide, Emerald Cove, Natural Bridge, The Bluff, Pulpit Rock, Gold Fish Point, Alligator Head, Bird Rest, Mammoth Cave, La Jolla Caves, the Seven Caves, Cormorants Granny, the White Lady of La Jolla, and Sunny Jim’s Profile.

Box Number 11
La Jolla
059. Coast Formations (continued)
060. Beaches-La Jolla Cove, Bath House

Box Number 12
La Jolla 061. Beaches-Bird Rock, beached whale, misc. scenes (continued).
062. Aerials-aerial and misc. views.
063. Lakeside-Main St., Lakeside Inn.
064. Lakes-General, Lake Cuyamaca, Lake Elsinore, Lake Henshaw, Lake Hodges, Lake Otay, Lake Poway, and Lake Wohlford
065. Lemon Grove
066. Leucadia–Noah’s Ark.
067. La Mesa-Mt. Helix Theater Easter Service

Box Number 13
068. Mesa Grande-Powan Lodge, camps, cottages.
069. Mission Bay & Mission Beach-General, Sea World, beaches, Mission Bay Park, Salt water plunge, dance casino, Natatorium, roller coaster, and amusement center.
070. Mission Cliffs–General Views, Mission Cliffs Pavilion, the Lily Ponds, street scenes, the Main Entrance, Flowers, the Fountain, Deer, Pergola, and the Japanese Tea Garden

Box Number 14
071. Mission Valley-from the cliffs, farm lands, the 1916 flood.
072. National City–street scenes, hotels, 65 Year Old Wisteria Vine, National City High School, Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Ocean Beach
073. Buildings, cottages, Collier’s Shack, Wonderland, library, church.
074 Beach-greetings, crowds, pavilions.
075.Coastal formations including the Pyramids, Cleopatra’s Needle, Devil’s Pot, Natural Bridge, Natural Arch Rock, and crawfish cove.

Box Number 15
076. General-Pier, Guajome Rancho, birdseye view, Hotel San Luis Rey, schools, plunge, churches, hotels/motels, trailer park, and Highway 101. downtown, and street scenes
077. Beaches, and the Water Front-amusement park, plunge, cottages, tents on beach, pier, bandstand.
078. The Rosicrucian Fellowship-Mt. Ecclesia Sanitarium, Temple of Healing.
079. The Bentley Ostrich Farm.

Box Number 16
080. Otay
081. Pacific Beach-Mission Bay, Hotel Balboa, Cystal Pier, motels, restaurants.
082. Palomar Mountain
083. Palomar Observatory-observatory, interior, exterior, workers.
084. Pine Valley

Point Loma
085. Theosophical Institute-main buildings, Raja Yoga Academy, 086. Theosophical Institute-students, theater productions, calisthenics, bands, music. 087. Theosophical Institute–the theater entrance and entrance gate.

Box Number 17
Point Loma (continued)
088. Old “Spanish” Lighthouse, road to Lighthouse, Cabrillo National Monument.
089. Point Loma Lighthouse, Quarantine Station, Arched Rock, Ballast Point, and Wireless Station.
090. Point Loma water scenes.
091. Point Loma views, and residences.
092. Poway
093. Ramona-downtown, schools, Hotel Ramona, Kenilworth Inn, churches, a fire, and troops marching through town.

Box Number 18
094. Rancho Bernardo
095. Rancho Santa Fe-houses, pools, businesses.
096. Santee
097. San Pasqual
098. San Ysidro
099. Santa Ysabel
100. Solana Beach
101. Spring Valley
102. Sunset Cliffs-the cliffs, people on the cliffs, bridges.
103. Sweetwater Dam
104. Temecula
105. Torry Pines-Pines, cliffs, ocean, Torrey Pines Lodge, the road grade.

Box Number 19
106. Vista-birdseye view, schools, downtown, Vista Inn, Green Oak Ranch Boys Camp.
107. Warner Hot Springs-outdoor plunge, Old Indian Adobe, hot springs, houses, cottages, stage coach, Indian Basket weavers, and Old Warner Ranch.



Box Number 20
San Diego: Balboa Park
108. General-Café Del Moro, House of Hospitality, Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Botantical Garden, Palm Canyon, Municipal Gym, El Cid, views and other misc. early scenes.
109. California Tower and Cabrillo Bridge, (1915-present).
110. The Spreckels Organ Pavilion, (1915-present).
111. The Zoo-exhibits, Childrens Zoo, apes and other animals.

Box Number 21
112. The Zoo San Diego: Balboa Park, Panama- California Exposition, 1915
113 General (Expo 1915)

Box Number 22
San Diego: Balboa Park, Panama- California Exposition, 1915
114. General (Expo 1915 continued)
115. Botanical Buildings and Gardens
116. Ground Breaking

Box Number 23
San Diego: Balboa Park, Panama- California Exposition, 1915
117. Indian Village-Pueblo Village exhibit.
118. Japanese Tea Garden
119. Lagoons, and the Lily pond-Botanical Building, House of Hospitality.
120. Miscellaneous Buildings-Commerce & Industry, Indian Arts, Foreign Arts, Science & Education, Canadian, Machinery, Palace of Electricity, Mining, Home Economy, Varied Industries, Agricultural, San Joaquin Valley Buildings.
Balboa Park, the 1915 Exposition
121. The Plaza
122. The Prado

Box Number 24
San Diego: Balboa Park, Panama- California Exposition, 1915
123. California Counties Buildings-Kern & Tulure Counties Bldg., Sacramento Valley Bldg., San Jouquin Valley Bldg., others.
124. U. S. State Buildings-Cal. St. Bldg, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Washington, Utah, Canadian Buildings.
San Diego: Balboa Park, the 1935 Exposition
125. General-Palace of Electricity, Palace of Travel, Indian Pueblo, Standard Oil Tower, Flintkote Exhibit, Gold Gulch, Midway, theaters, nudists, Hollywood Hall of Fame.
126. Buildings and the Ford Bowl-Ford Building, Shell Bldg., Federal Building, and other buildings.
127. People and Street Scenes-Max Etzkorn at Eckerts Bavarian Beer Garden. nudists, Midway, small people, All Nations Village, other attractions.

Box Number 25
San Diego
128. Agriculture
129. General-Curtiss Hydroplane, Rockwell Field aviators, seaplanes, Curtiss Bi-plane/school, Chief Iodine at plane wheel, squadron, early commuter planes, Meyerhoffer.
130. Ryan Aeronautical-seaplanes, training planes.
131. General Dynamics and Consolidated Aircraft
132. Charles A. Lindbergh-in person, near planes, and with a wig.
133. Lindbergh Field
134. North Island
135. Banks, and Savings and Loans-interiors, exteriors, also Union Title building.
136. Business and Commerce-includes businesses relating to printing, produce, a scissor grinder, photo service truck, transfer trucks, Union Ice, delivery trucks, dairy, car wash, brewery, jewelry skating, drugs, mortuary, nurseries, bowling ally, candy, motorcycle. Also Marston Building and Jessop Clock.

Box Number 26
San Diego
137. Churches-Baptist, Brethern, Carmelite Monastary, Catholic, Church of Christ, Congregational, Episcopalians, Unitarians, Lutherans, Spiritualist Temple, Presbyterian and other churches
138. Dams and Reservoirs-Sweetwater, Morena, Lake Hodges, Cuyamaca Lake, Lake Otay. University Heights Reservoir.
139. The Bay, Piers & Waterfront-large sealife (dead), wharves, harbor scenes, views, Broadway Passenger Pier, other scenes.

Box Number 27
San Diego Downtown
140. The Bay, Piers & Waterfront (continued)
141. Downtown Aerial Views-panoramic views, business district.

Box Number 28
San Diego Downtown
142. Municipal and Commercial Buildings-YMCA/YWCA, Public Library, Courthouse, Post Office, Balboa Stadium, Civic Center, City Hall, Commonwealth Building, Spreckles Theater, theaters, Granger Block, Germania Hall, Masonic Temple, Timken Building, and others.
143. 4th street, 5th street, 6th street-scenes, public transport, and buildings
144. Broadway– scenes, people and buildings.
145. Fire Department-fire engines, damaged buildings, ladders, stations, parades.

Box Number 29
San Diego
146. Greetings from San Diego-holiday cards, flowers/horticulture, orange groves, public relations, poems, souvenir cards, view cards, Marston Dept Store classical calender cards, maps, humorous pennant cards, leather cards.
Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Lodges
147. A – E-Admiral, Alberts, Albany, Albatross, Arthur, Aztec, Bahia, Balboa, Barcelona, Bay View Auto Camp, Beauty Rest, Barstow, Botsford, Brewster, Cardwell’s Motor Court, Casaloma, Cecil, Churchill, Carnegie Apts, Cystal Pier Motel, Deluxe Trailer Park, Empress, El Cortez, Embassy (continued).

Box Number 30
San Diego
Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Lodges
148. F – S—Five Points Auto Court, Golden West, U.S. Grant Hotel (exterior, Horton Plaza, tent village on roof, traffic on Broadway, at night, hotel motorbus, kitchen staff, interiors, lobby, dining rooms, Palm Courts, and gardens), Imig Manor Hotel, King Arthur’s Court Motel, King George, Kirkland Apts, LaCresta Motor Court, Lanier, Maryland Hotel, Mead’s Trailer Park, Miles Motel, New Southern New Rex, New Palace (continued).

Box Number 31
San Diego Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Lodges
149. O- Y– Hotel Ocean Village, Rancho 101 Motel, Hotel Robinson, St. Charles, St. James, Sanford, San Diego Hotel, Hotel Schneider, Troy, Vaughn, Barbara Worth Hotel, and Youngs Auto Court
150. Highways-Sheppard’s Bridge, plank road, desert roads, coast highway.
151. Horton Plaza-the plaza, Electric Fountain, night view, crowds, and fountain when it froze in 1913.
152. Hospitals and Doctors-Optometrist advertisements, County Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Scripps Clinic, Paradise Valley Sanitarium, Agnew Hospital, Nature Cure Institute, and others.

Box Number 32
San Diego
153. IWW meetings and their breakup by fire departments hoses
154. Lumber and log rafts-rafts in SD harbor, Benson Lumber Co., Russ Lumber Co.
155. Los Banos, The Baths
156. Maps
157. Camp Kearny-Camp Hospital (lab scene, nurces, dental clinic, kitchen, patients exercising, educational dept.), training (gas mask, charging, bayonet practice, shadow boxing, explosions, firing practice, artillery range, parades), Mary Pickford Day, mess time, officers and staff, train station, review, hiking down Torrey Pines, field camp, Knights of Columbus building, and nude beach.
158. Camp Callen-buildings, marching, entrance, barracks, attack on Little Toyko, obstacle course, bayonette drill.

Box Number 33
San Diego Military
159. Fort Rosecrans-buildings, disappearing rifles, officers home, barracks, army encampment, parade, USS Bennington monument, U.S. Military Cemetary and military funeral.
160. US Army, General-Brown Military Academy, Camp Calvin B. Matthews, Camp Grossmont, Infantry marching, and mounted troops.
161. Camp Thomas-bluejackets landing, camp, field guns.
162. Marine Corps Base camp-parades, Admiral Thomas inspecting marines, barracks, recruit depot
163. Camp Elliott
164. Amphibious Training Base at Coronado-troops, ship landing.
165. Camp Pendelton-barracks, troops, buildings, training.
166. US Navy, General-baseball/rowing challenges.

Box Number 34
San Diego Military
167. Battleships and Cruisers-individual ships and groups of ships.
168. Submarines
169. Aircraft Carriers
170. Sailing Ships
171. Torpedo Fleet
172. USS Bennington Disaster/Monument
173. US Naval Hospitals
174. Naval Air Station

Box Number 35
San Diego
175. Naval Training Station-review, parade grounds, airing bedding, bedding inspection, recruit being shaved, boat drill.
176. Naval Training Station at Balboa Park-library, boat training in lagoon, boxing, Balboa Stadium activities, band, outdoor ball, laundry, tailor shop, swimming instruction at pond by Botanical Gardens, Statute of Liberty at Balboa Stadium.

Box Number 36
177. Mission San Diego-ruins, exteriors, interiors, bell.
178. Mission San Luis Rey
179. Native Americans
180. Natural Disasters, Floods and Fires-1916 flood

Box Number 37
181. Old Globe Theater-exteriors, stages, actor
Old Town
182. General-views, Fremont Flag Monument, plaza
183. Commercial-Manuel’s Restaurant, motels, giftshop, Old Town Café, Ye . Olde Curiousity Shoppe.
184. The Cross/the Presidio
185. The Palms
186. The Old Bells
187. Whaley House
188. Ramona’s Marriage Place-wishing well, inner court, spanish oven, grape arbor, Mexican carette, Spanish Kitchen, chapel, court, patio, greetings, etc.

Box Number 38
Old Town
189. Ramona’s Marriage Place (continued)
190. Ramona’s Home-Camulos, CA., Rancho Guajome.

Box Number 39

191. Parades-military, floats, actors, chorus, Fire Dept., Memorial Day, Labor Day, Balboa Day (1913).
192. People-Bonham Bros. Famous Boys Band, Claire Burgener, John Burroughs, Chinese Cong. Mission, Florence Chambers, M. Connolly, Capt V. Edwards (trip by goat-SD to NYC), Alonzo Horton, Reuben the Guide, Mme. Schumann-Heink, Father Serra, Contance and Norma Talmadge, Texas Cowboy Orchestra, Harry Truman, Wheelchair dancers, Bob Wilson family, Woodrow Wilson and many others.
193. Produce and flowers-oranges, lemons, avacado groves, bananas, cabbages, lettuce, eucalyptus groves, poinsettia field, and roses. See also “Greetings,” San Diego.
194. Public Transportation-busses, buffet coach, U.S. Grant Hotel bus, double deck
195. Radio Stations (HAM)

Box Number 40
196. Railroads– trolley, street cars, Santa Fe Station (Oceanside, SD, National City), SD & Arizona Railway Tunnel. Residences
197. General Residences. Man in garden of L.S. Outcalt House on 3738 10th Street, Mrs. Wm. Bauman, B.A. Nelson, F.H. Jones and others. Other residences pictured at Park Ave, Upper Front St., “modern” bungalows, Cayon Ct., 3360 B St., 3020 L. St., 4130 Lark.
198. J. D. Spreckels House.
199. U. S. Grant House.
200. George White Marston House.
201. W. H. Putnam. House.
202. Restaurants and Bars-Bazaar Del Mundo, Horatio Green Onion, SD Chicken Pie Shops, Anthony Fish Grotto, Georges in Cardiff, Bregante & Sons, Red Sails Inn, China Land Restaurant, The Bonnie Box, Kemp Confectionary, Palace Bar, St. James Terrace, Strobels Bavaria, Metropole, Opera Cafeteria, Morgan’s Cafeteria, Topsy Restaurant, Cotton Patch & Bayou Room, Savoy Café, Chinese Village, Aztec Dining Room, Knotty Pine Café, Manuels’ Restaurante, Rudders Café Union, Fisherman’s Wharf Café, Golden Lion Tavern and others.

Box Number 41
203. San Diego State University-State Normal School, Teacher’s College
204. Other Universities and Colleges-UCSD, USD.
205. Business Colleges
206. San Diego High School
207. Other schools-Army & Navy Academy, Middleton Grammar, Francis W. Parker, T. Roosevelt Junior High, W.Wilson Junior High.
208. Ships and Shipping-Tourist steamers, ferries (Coronado), Steamships (Yale and Harvard), ships, interior scenes of cruise on Liner “Emma Alexander,” Star of India. Schooners, and other boats.
209. Stadiums and Ball Parks-Athletic field, Lane Field, Westgate Park, Jack Murphy Stadium.
210. Surfing–Sunbathing, Black’s Beach



Box Number 42
Baja California Tijuana
211. General– General-schools, bridges, Tijuana River, , Tijauna Hot Springs, birdseye view, buildings, fire (1921 & 1938), tourists, gift shops, a Mexican laundry, and Tijuana Fair.
212. Street Scenes/Business District-Mercado, The Big Curio Shop, Main Street, businesses, government buildings, and other scenes.

Box Number 43
Baja California Tijuana
213. Agua Caliente-Dog Races, bell tower, spa, jockey club, horse races.
214. Restaurants and Bars-Mexicali Beer Hall, entertainers, Vernon Club, Foreign Club, dance halls Alhambra Cafe.
215. Border/Customs-inspections, liquor haul, custom house, streams of cars, boundary monument, border, tourists.

Box Number 44
Baja California Tijuana
216. Bull Fights-Advertisements, matadors, bullfight arena, El Toreo, a Lion in the arena, dragging corpse of animal out of arena, opening ceremony, and the fighting.
217. Churches-Old Adobe Chapel, others.
218. Drinks & Drinking-cartoons, beer ads, whiskey
219. Casino gambling-Monte Carlo.
220. Greetings-pennant postcards, Greetings from…, cartoons, Reuben the Guide postcards, and others.

Box Number 45
Baja California Tijuana 221. Horse Racing-track horses, crowd, Hippodrome. 222. Insurrection of 1911-forts, attacks, surrendered insurrectos, rebel retreat/surrender, 223. Jai Alai-Fronton Place, players. 224. Tourists and Tourism-excursions by car, bus and wagon, tourist snapshots, posed photos, Tijuana “jail” snapshots.

Box Number 46
Baja California
225. Ensenada – beaches, business district, lodges, wharf.
226. Guyamas
227. Magdalena Bay
228. Mexicali
229. Rosarito