Oceanside Blade-Tribune Newspaper Photograph Collection.

Oceanside Blade-Tribune Newspaper.


3,690 negatives: safety film, b&w; 35 mm.
71 contact prints: b&w; 1.5 x 1 in.


San Diego Historical Society
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of John Daley, 1996 (942).

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives at the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: Oceanside Blade-Tribune Newspaper Photograph Collection, San Diego Historical Society, Booth Historical Photograph Collection.

Arranged in chronological order. Forms part of the San Diego History Center Negative Collection. Blade-Tribune photo assignment sheets accompany negatives.

Harold and Paul Beck bought the Oceanside Blade and Oceanside Tribune newspapers in 1929 and merged them to create the Oceanside Blade-Tribune. In 1967, Howard Publications purchased the Oceanside Blade-Tribune. In 1989, Howard Publications merged the Blade-Tribune with the Citizen to form the Blade-Citizen. The North County Times was published following the merger of the Blade-Citizen and Times-Advocate in 1995.

Collection consists of negatives and contact prints from 1983-1986 taken for the Oceanside Blade-Tribune to accompany articles, mostly published in the “Revue” section of the newspaper. Images of events include a performance art show at the Sushi Gallery, Oceanside Day at a Padres baseball game, San Diego Symphony Pops concert, Civic Theatre performance, Art Walk event at various venues, car stereo competition at the Sports Arena, Sharp Rehab Olympiad for handicapped athletes, Lyceum Theatre production. Images of activities include an eye accent procedure by Dr. Arthur Perry, administration of a breath analysis test, canoe rides on Mission Bay with Cheryl Knapp, Cookie Flights Inc. helicopter rides, senior citizens tutoring children at the Florence Elementary School, AIDS detection blood testing, children’s orientation at the Children’s Hospital, children’s activities at Balboa Park and Morley Field, boxing match, children participating in the Marine Science Floating Classroom, Families Against Drugs program, PACE seminar at UCSD, KPBS radio station reading service for visually impaired. Includes images of exhibits or programs at the Reuben Fleet Space Center, San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Art, Cabrillo Monument, Casa de Balboa, Hall of Champions, Museum of Man, San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Aerospace Museum, Serra Museum, San Diego Zoo, Mission San Diego, San Diego History Center Museum, San Diego Firehouse Museum. Images of local businesses are of the San Diego Fudgery, VG Donut Shop, Claudia’s Cinnamon Rolls, Britt House, The Cottage, Glorietta Bay Inn, La Valencia Hotel. Includes images of places such as Mission Bay, Old Town, Poway, Balboa Park, La Jolla caves, Seaport Village, and San Diego Symphony Hall. Images include people such as Ethan and Julia Erickson, Charger Mascot of the Week Justin Miller, author Joyce Sparling, Don Sammis, flight attendant Chris Arnes, artist Maire Palme, radio DJ Bobby Rich, Jane Schrall maker of “Plain Jane’s Frozen Brownies,” and former President Gerald Ford.

Oceanside blade-tribune.
Old Town (San Diego, Calif.)
Mission Bay (Calif.)
Balboa Park (San Diego, Calif.)
Poway (Calif.)
Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego, Calif.)
San Diego Mission.
Lyceum Theater Gallery (San Diego, Calif.)
San Diego Historical Society.
Seaport Village (San Diego, Calif.).
Sushi Gallery.
People with disabilities – California – San Diego.
Bed and breakfast accommodations — California – San Diego.
Galleries & museums – California – San Diego.
Exhibitions – California – San Diego.


Box 1  
1996/942.1-52 “The Original San Diego Fudgery” store and kitchen in Rancho Bernardo, August 1983.
1996/942.53-115 Children participating in San Diego Museum of Art programs, August 1983.
1996/942.116-213 Exterior and interior views of Britt House, a bed and breakfast inn, August 1983.
1996/942.214-285 Views of Mission Bay buildings along the waterfront, piers, airport, and sailboats, October 1983.
1996/942.286-356 Reuben Fleet Space Center’s hands-on exhibit on aging, exhibit graphics, museum visitors, December 1983.
1996/942.357-419 San Diego Museum of Art’s Arms and Armour of the Middle Ages exhibit, December 1983.
1996/942.420-490 Dr. Arthur Perry demonstrates an eye accent procedure on a patient, December 1983.
1996/942.491-509 Administration of a breath analysis test at the University of California at San Diego’s Medical Center, January 1984.
1996/942.510-609 Views of Old Town restaurants, a woman making tortillas, historic sites, stores and shops, March 1984.
1996/942.610-695 Cheryl Knapp and others take a canoe trip on Mission Bay, April 1984.
1996/942.696-711 Oceanside Day at a Padres baseball game, Mayor of Oceanside [?] throws out first pitch, Miss Oceanside, Tracy Miller, June 1984.
1996/942.712-757 Views of Museum of Photographic Arts’ exhibits and bookstore, museum public relations manager John Bates, and exhibit designer Joseph Bellows, June 1984.
1996/942.758-838 Reuben Fleet Space Center laserium show, operator of laserium, patterns made by lasers, June 1984.
1996/942.839-908 San Diego Symphony Pops concert in Mission Bay, July 1984.
1996/942.909-980 Views of Cabrillo Monument, including interior and exterior views of the lighthouse, statues, visitors, August 1984.
1996/942.981-1038 Carol Emerick and The Cottage, a bed and breakfast inn on 3829 Albatross Street, October 1984.
1996/942.1039-1075 Ethan and Julia Erickson in Rancho Santa Fe, October 1984.
1996/942.1076-1179 Montgomery Field helicopter ride, helicopter pilot, passengers, October 1984.
1996/942.1180-1200 Former President Gerald Ford at a World Series Padres baseball game at San Diego Stadium, October 1984.
1996/942.1201-1269 Casa de Balboa Christmas decorations, November 1984.
1996/942.1270-1278 Charger Mascot of the Week Justin Miller, age 9, at San Diego Stadium, November 1984.
1996/942.1279-1300 Author Joyce Sparling, at work, December 1984.
1996/942.1301-1336 San Diego Natural History Museum exhibits, December 1984.
1996/942.1337-1387 Museum of Man exhibits, including Mexican Mummy, bones of evolving primates, cave wall drawings, Del Mar Man’s skull, December 1984.
1996/942.1388-1423 Hall of Champions exhibits, two boys with exhibits, January 1985.
1996/942.1424-1444 Overturned truck on Lone Jack Road in Rancho Santa Fe, January 1985.
1996/942.1445-1516 San Diego Aerospace Museum exhibits and displays of airplanes, February 1985.
1996/942.1517-1557 Reuben Fleet Space Theater’s “Technological Feats” event, March 1985.
1996/942.1558-1598 Serra Museum exhibits and building exterior, March 1985.
1996/942.1599-1703 Views of Balboa Park, buildings, park visitors, March 1985.
1996/942.1704-1799 San Diego Zoo, behind the scenes of the large cats exhibits, handler, April 1985.
1996/942.1800-1847 Views of Poway buildings, streets, city hall, shops, May 1985.
1996/942.1848-1857 Senior citizens tutoring children at the Florence Elementary school as part of an SDSU tutoring program, June 1985.
1996/942.1858-1918 Exterior and interior views of the Mission San Diego, including museum, September 1985.
1996/942.1919-1922 Portraits of Don Sammis, September 1985.
Box 2  
1996/942.1923-1937 Cookie Flights Inc. helicopter ride, Rick McCaig, pilot, at Montgomery Field, October 1985.
1996/942.1938-1965 Cookie Flights Inc. helicopter ride, bag of cookies, at Montgomery Field, October 1985.
1996/942.1966-2031 Jane Schrall making her “Plain Jane’s Frozen Brownies,” October 1985.
1996/942.2032-2051 Glorietta Bay Inn on Coronado, guests of the inn, October 1985.
1996/942.2052-2073 Lab workers performing AIDS detection tests on blood at the San Diego Blood Bank, October 1985.
1996/942.2074-2209 Theater scenes at the Civic Theatre, backstage views, actors and actresses, October 1985.
1996/942.2210-2274 Children going through orientation at the Children’s Hospital, November 1986.
1996/942.2275-2318 La Jolla caves, La Valencia Hotel, street scenes, November 1985.
1996/942.2319-2426 Children’s activities in various areas including Morley Field Disc Golf Course and Balboa Park, December 1985.
1996/942.2427-2446 Carlsbad woman constructs a gingerbread house village as part of “Celebrate the Holidays” in Balboa Park, December 1985.
1996/942.2447-2487 Exterior and interior views of Copley Symphony Hall, formerly Fox Theater, December 1985.
1996/942.2488-2610 Boxing match, boxers, audience, January 1986.
1996/942.2611-2676 Views of San Diego waterfront including Seaport Village, ships, piers, people, February 1986.
1996/942.2677-2682 Fallbrook High School officials receiving an award at the San Diego County Education offices, June 1984
1996/942.2683-2686 Parents of accident victims at the Federal Courthouse, February 1986.
1996/942.2687-2689 Defendant Charles Smith at the Federal Courthouse, February 1986.
1996/942.2690-2815 Marine Science Floating Classroom, students on boat, February 1986.
1996/942.2816-2857 KPBS Reading service for the visually impaired, people at recording stations, February 1986.
1996/942.2858-2885 Views of VG Donut Shop in Cardiff, a person receiving shiatsu massage therapy in Solana Beach and a card shop, Paper Dolls [?], in Encinitas, March 1986.
1996/942.2886-2939 Young artists with their art work at the San Diego Museum of Art, March 1986.
1996/942.2940-3008 The San Diego History Center museum in Balboa Park, including the Research Archives, curatorial collections area and costumes, construction area. Also views of the Serra Museum in Presidio Park, April 1986.
1996/942.3009-3039 Performance art show at the Sushi Gallery, includes performers Mark Wenze, John Meyer, Larry Baza, May 1986.
1996/942.3040-3135 Art Walk event, art work at the Installations Gallery, International Gallery, Horton Plaza, The Studio, Multicultural Arts Gallery, May 1986.
1996/942.3136-3161 Dr. Seuss exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art, May 1986.
1996/942.3162-3175 AFP testing for pregnant women in Kearney Mesa, woman at a computer, May 1986.
1996/942.3176-3257 Lyceum Theatre, exterior views, stage, performers, audience members, May 1986.
1996/942.3258-3322 Chris Arnes, flight attendant for Pacific Southwest Airlines, flight attendants, passengers, exterior and interior views of a plane at Lindbergh Field, July 1986.
1996/942.3323-3355 PACE seminar at University of California at San Diego, lecturers, participants, August 1986.
1996/942.3356-3376 Car stereo competition at the Sports Arena, August 1986.
1996/942.3377-3409 Exterior and interior views of the San Diego Firehouse Museum, exhibits, fire fighting equipment, August 1986.
1996/942.3410-3425 Estate sale event, bidders, items for sale, August 1986.
1996/942.3426-3514 Handicapped athletes participating in the Sharp Rehab Olympiad at the Sharp Rehabilitation Center, wheelchair races, various competitions and games, August 1986.
1996/942.3515-3557 Participants in the Families Against Drugs program at the Star House in Mira Mesa, September 1986.
1996/942.3558-3585 Maire Palme, artist, with her artwork at the San Diego Art Institute, September 1986.
1996/942.3586-3616 Claudia and her cinnamon rolls at “Claudia’s Cinnamon Rolls” in Horton Plaza, September 1986.
1996/942.3617-3679 Radio DJ Bobby Rich at the B-100 FM studio, November 1986.