Ralph P. Stineman Collection.


3,059 negatives: glass; 5 x 7 in.

Negatives: 91:18564/0-3058.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Purchase from Kenneth Peake, 1991.

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: Ralph P. Stineman Collection, San Diego History Center, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arranged by local control number. Seven photograph reference books with photocopies of most of the images in the collection are provided for reference use, and corresponding copy negatives for all images are available. Also, there is a list of original photographic prints by Stineman found in various other San Diego History Center photograph collections and a typescript, “1000 Days in San Diego: The Photographs of Ralph P. Stineman” by John Redfern (1993). Some images published in: “Developing San Diego: The Images of Ralph P. Stineman, 1910-1915” by John Redfern and Chuck Hill, Journal of San Diego History, 43:92-115 (Spring 1997). Forms part of the San Diego Historical Society Negative Collection.

Ralph P. Stineman was born in Pennsylvania in 1871. Evidently he came to San Diego around 1900 where he worked as a photographer until 1915. Stineman moved to Los Angeles around 1920 and opened a shop on Sunset Boulevard where he invented and sold motion picture film processing and projection equipment until 1939. He then returned to San Diego where he died in 1955.

This collection represents the work of Ralph P. Stineman from 1911 to 1915 when he was a professional photographer in San Diego. It documents agriculture, land use and real estate development, water supply and distribution, beaches, businesses, buildings and houses, transportation, people, and locations throughout San Diego County. Balboa Park and preparation for the Panama-California Exposition of 1915 form the largest part of the collection. Stineman’s photographs depict the utopian agricultural colony of Little Landers, farms, ranches, and fruit orchards; dams, reservoirs, and flumes; San Diego High School, Army and Navy Academy, schools, and school children; the YMCA, Carnegie Library, Masonic Temple, San Diego Courthouse, Timken, McFadden Buxton Arcade, hotels, churches, and other buildings; Mission Brewery, Dudley Motion Picture Manufacturing Company, and many other business enterprises; commercial and residential streets; maps; early automobiles, airplanes, railroad cars and locomotives, stagecoaches, ships, yachts, and boats. Locations include: Alpine, Buckman Springs, Cardiff by the Sea, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Grossmont, Imperial Valley, Julian, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Santee, San Diego, and its neighborhoods, including Burlingame, North Park, Mission Beach, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, and Sunset Cliffs.

Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
Panama-California Exposition (1915: San Diego, Calif.)
San Diego Army and Navy Academy.
Agriculture — California — San Diego County.
Agricultural facilities — California — San Diego County.
Beaches — California — San Diego County.
Buildings — California — San Diego.
Business enterprises — California — San Diego.
Cities & towns — California.
Commercial facilities — California — San Diego.
Houses — California — San Diego.
Hydraulic facilities — California — San Diego County.
Land use — California — San Diego County.
Parks — California — San Diego.
Schools — California — San Diego.
Streets — California — San Diego.
Back country (San Diego County, Calif.) — Photographs.
Balboa Park (San Diego, Calif.) — Photographs.
San Diego (Calif.) — Photographs.


Negative(s) Description
91:18564/375-413 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/463-471 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/1309-1311 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/1935 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/2211-2213 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/2955 Agriculture or agricultural facilities.
91:18564/491-512 Airplanes.
91:18564/414-423 Alpine (Calif.)
91:18564/472 Alpine (Calif.)
91:18564/424-434 Animals.
91:18564/1312-1315 Animals.
91:18564/435-441 Apartments.
91:18564/473-476 Apartments.
91:18564/455-462 Art or artists.
91:18564/1943-1946 Automobile racing.
91:18564/477-490 Automobiles.
91:18564/2214 Automobiles.
91:18564/2975 Automobiles.
91:18564/3023-3027 Automobiles.
91:18564/513-567 Back country (San Diego County, Calif.)
91:18564/1289 Back country (San Diego County, Calif.)
91:18564/1297 Back country (San Diego County, Calif.)
91:18564/1320 Back country (San Diego County, Calif.)
91:18564/3028-3034 Back country (San Diego County, Calif.)
91:18564/92-95 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/108 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/1298-1305 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/1735-1736 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2269 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2320-2951 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2951 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2979 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2985 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/2992-2993 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/3035-3041 Balboa Park and Panama-California Exposition.
91:18564/568-582 Beaches or coastlines.
91:18564/583 Bonita (Calif.)
91:18564/584 Boundaries — United States and Mexico.
91:18564/585-586 Bridges.
91:18564/1306 Bridges.
91:18564/706-714 Buckman Springs (Calif.)
91:18564/96 Buildings.
91:18564/587-591 Buildings.
91:18564/596-603 Buildings.
91:18564/610-613 Buildings.
91:18564/623-625 Buildings.
91:18564/627-628 Buildings.
91:18564/633 Buildings.
91:18564/653-660 Buildings.
91:18564/673-680 Buildings.
91:18564/683 Buildings.
91:18564/684-688 Buildings.
91:18564/690-693 Buildings.
91:18564/3042-3043 Buildings.
91:18564/1-89 Burlingame (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/592-595 Business enterprises.
91:18564/604-609 Business enterprises.
91:18564/614-622 Business enterprises.
91:18564/626 Business enterprises.
91:18564/629-632 Business enterprises.
91:18564/634-652 Business enterprises.
91:18564/661-672 Business enterprises.
91:18564/681-682 Business enterprises.
91:18564/689 Business enterprises.
91:18564/694-705 Business enterprises.
91:18564/1536-1537 Business enterprises.
91:18564/1290 Calexico (Calif.)
91:18564/715-720 Campo (Calif.)
91:18564/109-160 Cardiff by the Sea (Calif.)
91:18564/721 Cardiff by the Sea (Calif.)
91:18564/1708 Cardiff by the Sea (Calif.)
91:18564/2952-2953 Cardiff by the Sea (Calif.)
91:18564/726-804 Chula Vista (Calif.)
91:18564/805-813 Churches.
91:18564/814-818 Construction.
91:18564/2954 Construction.
91:18564/3044-3045 Construction.
91:18564/819-842 Coronado (Calif.)
91:18564/3055 Coronado (Calif.)
91:18564/843-847 Cuyamaca (Calif.)
91:18564/722-725 Dams or reservoirs.
91:18564/848-897 Dams or reservoirs.
91:18564/2990-2991 Dams or reservoirs.
91:18564/3050 Dams or reservoirs.
91:18564/898-902 Dehesa (El Cajon, Calif.)
91:18564/161-223 Del Mar (Calif.)
91:18564/905-908 Descanso (Calif.)
91:18564/910-914 Drawings.
91:18564/224-228 Dulzura (Calif.)
91:18564/915 Eclipses.
91:18564/229-283 El Cajon (Calif.)
91:18564/284-287 Encanto (Calif.)
91:18564/288-303 Encinitas (Calif.)
91:18564/304-318 Escondido (Calif.)
91:18564/330-341 Fallbrook (Calif.)
91:18564/943-944 Fallbrook (Calif.)
91:18564/945 Fires.
91:18564/3046 Fires.
91:18564/319-329 Floods.
91:18564/342-346 Flumes.
91:18564/1209 Flumes.
91:18564/97 Green Dragon Colony (La Jolla, Calif.)
91:18564/99-107 Grossmont (Calif.)
91:18564/946-951 Horses or mules and wagons or carriages.
91:18564/2159 Horses or mules and wagons or carriages.
91:18564/952 Horton Plaza (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/953-957 Hospitals.
91:18564/90-91 Hotels.
91:18564/958-974 Hotels.
91:18564/975-1122 Houses.
91:18564/1210 Houses.
91:18564/1470-1471 Houses.
91:18564/2160-2161 Houses.
91:18564/2204-2207 Houses.
91:18564/2964-2965 Houses.
91:18564/2982 Houses.
91:18564/2988-2989 Houses.
91:18564/1123-1129 Housing developments.
91:18564/1130-1133 Imperial Beach (Calif.)
91:18564/1134-1205 Imperial Valley (Calif.)
91:18564/2986-2987 Imperial Valley (Calif.)
91:18564/1206-1207 Indians of North America.
91:18564/1208 Jacumba (Calif.)
91:18564/1211-1261 Julian (Calif.) and ranches.
91:18564/1262-1288 La Jolla (Calif.)
91:18564/3047 La Jolla (Calif.)
91:18564/3058 La Jolla (Calif.)
91:18564/1291-1296 Lakeside (Calif.)
91:18564/1321-1348 La Mesa (Calif.)
91:18564/1349-1381 Lemon Grove (Calif.)
91:18564/2994 Lemon Grove (Calif.)
91:18564/1307-1308 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1382-1469 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2162 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2247-2248 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2980 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2983 Little Landers Corporation (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1479-1509 Maps.
91:18564/916-942 Merchandise displays.
91:18564/1527-1535 Mission Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1538-1549 Mission Cliff Gardens (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1550-1556 Mission Hills (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1557-1562 Mission Valley (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2997 Mission Valley (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1563-1565 Motorcycles.
91:18564/1569-1574 Mount Helix (La Mesa, Calif.)
91:18564/1566-1568 Mountain Spring (Calif.)
91:18564/1575-1599 National City (Calif.)
91:18564/2998-3022 National City (Calif.) and fires.
91:18564/1600-1607 Nestor (Calif.)
91:18564/1608-1614 North Park (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2971 North Park (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/98 Ocean Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1615-1641 Ocean Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1642-1646 Oceanside (Calif.)
91:18564/1647-1648 Old Town (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1649-1654 Organizations.
91:18564/1655-1659 Otay (Calif.)
91:18564/1660-1668 Pacific Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2974 Pacific Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2984 Pacific Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1669-1670 Palm City (Calif.)
91:18564/1671-1672 Parades.
91:18564/1673 Parks.
91:18564/2944-2948 Parks.
91:18564/1674-1773 People.
91:18564/3048 People.
91:18564/1774-1864 Point Loma (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2995 Point Loma (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/1316-1319 Pottery.
91:18564/1865-1904 Railroads.
91:18564/3049 Railroads.
91:18564/1906-1909 Ramona (Calif.)
91:18564/1910-1915 Ranches.
91:18564/1934 Ranches.
91:18564/1916-1933 Real estate development.
91:18564/1936-1942 Rivers.
91:18564/1947-1960 Roads.
91:18564/2208-2210 Roads.
91:18564/1961-1970 San Diego — skyline views.
91:18564/442-454 San Diego Army and Navy Academy.
91:18564/1519 San Diego Army and Navy Academy.
91:18564/2978 San Diego Bay.
91:18564/3051-3052 San Diego Bay.
91:18564/357-374 San Diego harbor.
91:18564/2157-2158 San Diego harbor.
91:18564/1971-1977 San Pasqual (Calif.)
91:18564/1981-1985 San Ysidro (Calif.)
91:18564/1978-1980 San Ysabel (Calif.)
91:18564/1986-1997 Santee (Calif.)
91:18564/1998-2155 Schools.
91:18564/2163-2200 Ships, boats, or yachts.
91:18564/3056 Ships.
91:18564/2201-2203 Signs (Notices)
91:18564/2215-2218 Sports.
91:18564/2219-2225 Spring Valley (Calif.)
91:18564/2226-2227 Stagecoaches.
91:18564/2228-2240 Streets.
91:18564/3054 Streets.
91:18564/2241-2246 Sunset Cliffs (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2249-2256 Sweetwater (Calif.)
91:18564/2260 Theaters.
91:18564/2257-2259 Torrey Pines State Reserve (Calif.)
91:18564/3057 Torrey Pines State Reserve (Calif.)
91:18564/2279 University Heights (San Diego, Calif.)
91:18564/2280-2282 Warner’s Ranch (Calif.)
91:18564/2283-2317 Waterworks.
91:18564/2318-2319 Wills.

Selected Stineman Photos from our 1997 exhibit

Spring 1997 article from our Journal of San Diego History