Waterman Family/Stonewall Mine Collection.

Waterman family.

ca. 1868-1921, bulk 1885-1895.

79 photographic prints : various media, b&w, some sepia toned ; 26 x 30 cm. or smaller.
9 photomechanical prints: 8 halftone and 1 photogravure; 27 x 36 cm. and 26 x 17 cm.

Photographic prints: OP14472/0-91.

San Diego History Center
Booth Historical Photograph Archives
P.O. Box 81825
San Diego, CA 92138

Gift of John Gardner Kincade (grandson of Hazel Wood Waterman), 1988 (870930A).

Open for research.

For permission to reproduce or publish, contact the curator of the Booth Historical Photograph Archives of the San Diego Historical Society. Reproduction or publication of any part of this collection must include the following information next to the image(s) or in a special section of credits: Waterman Family/Stonewall Mine Collection, San Diego Historical Society, Booth Historical Photograph Archives.

Arranged by local control number. Various photographers from San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and elsewhere are represented in the collection, including San Francisco photographer Isaiah West Taber and San Diego photographers J.E. Slocum, J.C. Parker, and Henry Ellis Coonley. Related materials: Hazel Wood Waterman Collection (MS42) and typed transcripts of oral history interviews with Waldo Dean Waterman and John Gardner Kincade in the Research Archives. Copy negatives are available for some photographic prints, 88:16649/0-56. Forms part of the San Diego Historical Society Original Print Collection.

Governor of California from 1887 to 1891, Robert Whitney Waterman and his family moved from Illinois to San Bernardino in 1873. In 1886 he bought and developed the Stonewall gold mine in Cuyamaca. He also established a cattle ranch there and helped build the San Diego, Cuyamaca, and Eastern Railroad. His son Waldo Sprague Waterman managed the mine until it closed in 1892. Waldo married Hazel Wood in 1889. After his death in 1903, she studied architecture under Irving Gill and became recognized as San Diego’s first woman architect. Their son Waldo Dean Waterman achieved fame as a pioneer aviator.

This collection documents the Waterman family and the Stonewall Mine in Cuyamaca (San Diego County, Calif.). It consists mostly of card photographs and includes views of the Cuyamaca area, back country roads, Cuyamaca Lake, the Waterman cattle ranch, buildings and workers at Stonewall Mine, the San Diego Flume, and San Diego, Cuyamaca, and Eastern Railroad. Waterman family portraits include Governor Robert Whitney Waterman, his wife Jane Gardner Waterman, his children and grandchildren, and his daughter-in-law Hazel Wood Waterman. It also shows Waldo Sprague and Hazel Wood Waterman’s San Diego home, Granite Cottage, designed by Irving Gill.

Waterman, Robert Whitney.
Waterman, Hazel Wood.
Waterman family.
Families — California — San Diego.
Mining — California.
Cuyamaca (Calif.) — Photographs.
Stonewall Mine (San Diego County, Calif.)


Box 1
Folder 1
OP14472/0 Granite Cottage [237 Hawthorn Street], home of Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Sprague Waterman, designed by San Diego architect Irving Gill [two photographic prints adhered together to achieve a wide-angle or panoramic effect (9 x 19 cm.)], [1900?].
OP14472/1 Granite Cottage.
OP14472/2 Stonewall Mine, Cuyamaca; cottage occupied by general manager; birthplace of Robert Wood Waterman, Helen Gardner Waterman, and Earle Chapman, 1889 [probably a J.C. Parker photograph copied by J.E. Slocum (Slocum did not succeed Parker until 1892)].
OP14472/3 Waldo S. Waterman (right) on the [ship] Restless.
OP14472/4 Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Wood and their children [Chico Art Gallery, D. H. Woods, photographer].
OP14472/5 Portrait of Hazel Wood Waterman, 1921.
OP14472/6 Portrait of Abby Lou[isa] Waterman [I.W. Taber of San Francisco, photographer].
OP14472/7 Portrait of Abby Lou Waterman [Knowlton Bros. Of Northampton, Mass., photographer].
OP14472/8 Portrait of Anna Charlotte (left) and Abby Lou Waterman [Dames of Oakland, Calif., photographer].
OP14472/9 Portrait of Hazel W. Waterman, 1921.
OP14472/10 Portrait of unidentified young woman [writing on back of cabinet card suggests “possibly Mary Waterman Rice, daughter of governor” Robert Whitney Waterman, but this is questionable because Mary Pamela Waterman was born in 1850 and date of photograph is ca. 1885] [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/11 Portrait of Hazel Emma Wood, when at University of California, 1883 [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/12 Portrait of Helen J. Waterman? [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/13 Portrait of James S. Waterman, inscribed “With the sincere love of an ‘old [warrior?]’,” 1886 [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/14 Portrait of Hazel Wood Waterman, 1889 [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/15 Portrait of Hazel Wood Waterman and her daughter Helen Gardner Waterman, 1902.
OP14472/16 Portrait of unidentified man [Waldo Sprague Waterman?], inscribed “for Helen,” [ca. 1891].
OP14472/17 Portrait of Waldo Sprague Waterman, 1886 or 1889 [I.W. Taber, photographer].
Note: No OP14472/18 or OP14472/19.
OP14472/20 Portrait of unidentified man, woman, and girl sitting in back of house.
OP14472/21 Horse and buggy on a dirt road in the back country.
OP14472/22 Horse and rider on a dirt road in the back country.
OP14472/23 Horse and buggy on dirt road lined with pine trees.
OP14472/24 View of pine trees and mountains, “a world of the dark green of pines.”
OP14472/25 View from road to Owen’s Mine near Julian [J.E. Slocum, photographer].
OP14472/26 Horse and buggy on the road from Cuyamaca to Julian [J.E. Slocum, photographer].
OP14472/27 Warner Springs, San Diego Company [J.E. Slocum, photographer].
OP14472/28 Diverting dam, San Diego Flume, San Diego Company [J.C. Parker, photographer].
OP14472/29 Group portrait of [miners at Stonewall Mine?].
OP14472/30 Stonewall Mine around 1890.
Folder 2
OP14472/31 Stonewall Mine.
OP14472/32 Cuyamaca Lake.
OP14472/33 Camp and lake from reservoir at Stonewall Mine [J.C. Parker, photographer].
OP14472/34 Indian women grinding acorns at Agua Caliente, San Diego Company [J.C. Parker, photographer?].
OP14472/35 San Diego, Cuyamaca, and Eastern Railroad train moving north through Lemon Grove, 1888 [probably a J.C. Parker photograph copied by J.E. Slocum (Slocum did not succeed Parker until 1892)].
OP14472/36 Stonewall Mine [left side of two part photograph].
OP14472/37 Stonewall Mine [right side of two part photograph].
OP14472/38 Stonewall Mine, hoisting works and stamp mill, saw mill on left, 1889.
OP14472/39 View at Stonewall Camp [H.E. Coonley, photographer].
Note: No OP14472/40.
OP14472/41 Mule team used at Stonewall Mine.
OP14472/42 Cuyamaca Lake, 1889.
OP14472/43 Waldo S. Waterman (right), general manager of Stonewall Mine, and Bill Hoskins, mine superintendent [or foreman?], standing at entrance to hoisting works, 1889.
OP14472/44 Cuyamaca Lake.
OP14472/45 Cuyamaca Lake.
OP14472/46 Man, woman, and child in front of live oak 14½ feet in circumference, Cuyamaca.
OP14472/47 Portrait of Abby Lou Waterman and her mother Jane Gardner Waterman.
OP14472/48 Robert Wood (right), Helen Gardner (left), and Waldo Dean Waterman (center) with their grandmother Jane Gardner Waterman [cyanotype].
Folder 3 (oversize)
Note: Photomechanical prints dated ca. 1900 or in the 1900s, but Stonewall Mine closed in 1891.
OP14472/49 Stonewall Mine, Cuyamaca.
OP14472/50 Cuyamaca.
OP14472/51 Cuyamaca Lake.
OP14472/52 Horse and buggy, camp grounds, Cuyamaca Ranch.
OP14472/53 Stonewall Mine, boarding house and miner’s cabins.
OP14472/54 Stonewall Mine, hoisting works.
OP14472/55 Miners and their families in front of boarding house.
OP14472/56 Cattle grazing on California Governor Robert W. Waterman’s Cuyamaca Ranch.
Folder 4
OP14472/57 Oregon, ship built by Union Iron Works, 1894.
OP14472/58 Portrait of Helen Gardner Waterman [Lou Goodale Bigelow, photographer].
OP14472/59 Portrait of Jane Gardner Waterman [Theo. C. Marceau of San Francisco, photographer].
OP14472/60 [Dr.] James Sears Waterman.
OP14472/61 Portrait of Cephers [i.e. Cephas] Gardner of Belvidere, Ill., Jane Gardner Waterman’s father [photogravure print].
OP14472/62 Portrait of Robert Whitney Waterman, governor of California from 1887 to 1891, inscribed to “Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wood, from your friend, R.W. Waterman, May of [1890?]” [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/63 Stonewall Mine, Cuyamaca.
OP14472/64 Portrait of Alice Catherine Wood, Hazel Wood Waterman’s mother [Dore of San Francisco, photographer].
OP14472/65 Portrait of Alice Catherine Wood [Dore of San Francisco, photographer].
OP14472/66 Portrait of Jane G. Waterman [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/67 Portrait of Anna Charlotte Waterman [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/68 Portrait of [Dr.] Helen Jane Waterman [Dana of New York, photographer].
OP14472/69 Portrait of Dr. Helen J. Waterman [C.M. Gilbert of Philadelphia, photographer].
Note: No OP14472/70.
OP14472/71 Portrait of Abby Lou Waterman [Elite Gallery of Los Angeles, photographer].
OP14472/72 Portrait of Abby Lou Waterman [Worden of Boston, Mass., photographer].
OP14472/73 Portrait of Waldo S. Waterman [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/74 Portrait of Waldo S. Waterman, 1885 [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/75 Portrait of [Dr.] James S. Waterman, 1897 [Fredricks of New York, photographer].
OP14472/76 Portrait of [Dr.] James S. Waterman, 1897 [Pach Brothers of New York, photographer].
OP14472/77 Photographic reproduction of portrait painting identified as an aunt of [California Governor] R.W. Waterman [I.W. Taber, photographer].
OP14472/78 Portrait of [Rev.] Jesse Wood, Hazel Wood Waterman’s father.
OP14472/79 [Dr.] James S. Waterman and his dog, in his office.
OP14472/80 Jane Gardner Waterman (center).
OP14472/81 Jane Gardner Waterman (sitting).
OP14472/82 Portrait of Hazel Emma Wood, about 10 or 12 years old.
OP14472/83 Portrait of Hazel Wood Waterman, about 28 years old.
OP14472/84 Portrait of Hazel Wood Waterman, 43 years old [Vreeland and Stout, photographer].
OP14472/85 Portrait of Anna Waterman [Dore of San Francisco, photographer].
OP14472/86 Portrait of Anna Waterman, 1886 [Lovell of Northampton, Mass., photographer].
OP14472/87 Portrait of Abby Lou Waterman, inscribed “With my best love to Hazel and Waldo” [her parents].
OP14472/88 Abby Lou Waterman feeding five-day-old piglet.
OP14472/89 Abby Lou Waterman with horse, “Osiris, the River God of the [Mojave?],” on the Waterman Ranch, 1915.
OP14472/90 Portrait of Hazel Emma Wood [G. J. Gable’s Gallery of Augusta, Ga., photographer].
OP14472/91 Alice Catherine [née Tison] Wood, mother of Hazel Wood Waterman [ Payne and Monmonier of San Francisco, photographer].