San Diego cityscape ~ our early skyline grows

Across D and 2nd Street from Courthouse roof, 1872 detail 80:3133
Horton House from Courthouse roof, April 1872 detail 80-2903
Court House and Wharf, 1873 detail 80:2906
5th Street, 1876 detail 1431
5th Street north from K, 1878 detail 1659
7th Street & Ash, 1886 detail 1313
Northeast corner 5th and G Streets, 1887 detail 80:2957
7th and Ash Streets, 1887 detail 1325
Harbor and Pt Loma in b/g, c. 1888 2978
8th and E Street looking northwest, 1888 detail 1667
6th Street and Ash, circa 1890 detail 80:2950
View from Hawthorne Inn, 1900 detail 22307

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Order prints of these and many other images from the Photo Archives of the San Diego History Center. These photographs have excellent detail which cannot be fully appreciated on the computer screen.