San Diego’s California-Pacific Exposition 1935-1936

D.C. Collier – San Diego Centennial Exposition (this exposition never took place)


Included here for interest, but not truly a California-Pacific Expo postcard
Perforated mailer with “reply card” attached
Recipient was asked to invite others to “California’s San Diego Centennial Exposition July 4th 1934 to July 4th 1935”

Collier was Director-General of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. In 1931, Collier proposed that a Centennial Exposition could do for San Diego’s waterfront what the 1915 Exposition had done for Balboa Park. Collier’s idea for a Centennial Exposition never really got off the ground. His idea, however, must have encouraged others. By July, 1934, Frank Drugan’s plans for the California-Pacific Exposition were well underway and Collier was not a part of it. Collier died in November, 1934.