Edward H. Davis Photo Gallery

The images provided in this Photo Gallery are a sample of the approximately 5,600 images taken by Davis and available in the E. H. Davis Collection in the San Diego Historical Society Photo Archives. The captions and dates provided were transcribed from the backs of the photographs. The numbers provided in parentheses are the SDHS reference numbers to be used when ordering prints.

Edward H. Davis and 20 mortuary ollas near the Vallecitos Desert. March, 1918. (86:15900-1765)

Maria Antonia Piapa. Santa Ysabel. 1908. (86:15752-4)

Grandchildren of Manual Lachusa at Carrisita Cañon. September 20, 1916. (86:15900-1489)

Locario Chavish and his brush house. Rincon. January 29, 1920. (86:15900-2164)

Esperanza Sobenish making her large rattlesnake basket with eagle on the side. Rincon. January 29, 1920. (86:15900-1339)

Mary Juan decorating with a dilution of mesquit gum and toothpick – after first firing. Maricopa. January 31, 1921. (87:16080-452)

Old Joe Burro [Waters]. José Agua. “Old Joe Soliloquizes.” 1923. (86:15900-1793)

Shrine of the Martyred Children – Papago. Santa Rosa (Arizona). June 19, 1931. (87:16080-777)

Bartosol (Dancer) of Rincon. No date. (86:15900-739)

Campo Indian Woman at her house. No date.(86:15752-127)

Palm Cañon. Borrego Valley. Dick and Bud. No date. (86:15900-1926)

View of two men making rope by twisting fibers. Mesa Grande. No date. (86:15900-1429)

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