Early San Diego Diners, Grills & Soda Fountains

Point Loma, Pacific Beach & Downtown San Diego
photographs by Howard W. Rozelle, 1946-1947

Complete SDHC photograph SDHC #
Esquire Luncheonette at night, Garnet Ave, Pacific Beach detail 82:13673-10
Waibel’s, 1341 Garnet, Pacific Beach detail 82:13673-205
Continental Cafe, Ingraham & Garnet, Pacific Beach detail 82:13673-222
Lawson’s Grill, Pacific Beach, Cass S of Garnet detail 82:13673-417
Lawson’s Grill, Pacific Beach, night view detail 82:13673-418
Reimland Drug Store, Garnet, Pacific Beach detail 82:13673-187
Lezere’s Ice Cream detail 82:13673-110
Young’s Cafe, The Point Loma Store detail 82:13673-249


Order prints of these and many other images from the Photo Archives of the San Diego History Center. These photographs have excellent detail which cannot be fully appreciated on the computer screen.