This exhibit chronicles the history of Presidio Hill from the turn of the century through the Serra Museum’s dedication day on July 16, 1929. Here is a sampling of facts and artifacts from the time when the Serra Museum was dedicated in 1929.

Kodak Vest Pocket Petite Camera
Kodak Vest Pocket Petite Camera 1929
Gift of Phyllis and Elmer Roesler
Cigar Box Sensenbrenner & Sons Cigar Box 1929 Children's Puzzle Peg Game
Children’s Puzzle Peg Game 1929

Trivia Quiz:

The stock market crashed on October 29th. What else do you know about 1929?


What was the cost of a first-class postage stamp?

Construction began on which New York skyscraper?

Which company invented canned, strained baby food?

Which baseball player became the first to hit 500 home runs?

Which antibiotic was first used to fight infections?

What was the daily wage at Ford Motor Co.?