It’s time

For more than 100 years the Jessop’s Street Clock has stood in public service marking the passing of time and witnessing the growth of our region. The clock, commissioned by businessman Joe Jessop in 1905, served as a beacon for the family’s jewelry store on 5th Avenue in 1907. It has also served as a touchstone for countless residents and visitors over its history.

Towering over the sidewalk, the clock face stood 22 feet tall, and featured a visible movement at the street level, with other workings hidden below ground.

The Jessop’s Clock was installed two more times, with subsequent moves of the store to another 5th Avenue location, and finally where it was last on public display in the center of downtown’s Horton Plaza Shopping Center. With the sale and repurpose of the mall, and the threat of vandalism on the rise, the clock was dismantled and placed into storage in 2019, where it has been ever since.

Time is Ticking…

In 2028, the San Diego History Center will mark its Centennial. We need your support to bring our new vision for the museum to life and to preserve this important object for the next 100 years.

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