“Path of the Mystic” Exhibition Showcased on KUSI

November 15, 2019

Elsa Sevilla from the San Diego History Center joined Elizabeth Alvarez from KUSI News on Good Morning San Diego to talk about our newest exhibition, “The Path of the Mystic: Art and Theosophy at Lomaland.” Elsa shares that the exhibition showcases the remarkable artistic legacy and achievements of Point Loma’s Theosophical community. In 1897, Katherine Tingley established her utopian cultural and communal experiment, The Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical Society, nicknamed Lomaland, on a chaparral-covered ridge on San Diego’s Point Loma peninsula. Under Tingley’s leadership, this dusty, seaside plot of land was transformed into a lush, vibrant “White City” that became a center of learning, culture and social reform.

Watch the Segment Here