Classroom Outreach Programs

Listen Up! Youth Oral History Workshop:

Discover the importance of oral histories and the unique role they play in documenting and understanding our past, hear examples of fascinating oral histories in the History Center’s permanent collection and learn how to conduct your own Oral History.
(Grades 2-12)


San Diego Before Statehood:

Discover the changing shape of San Diego and the people and cultures who have affected our region. Learn map skills, explore San Diego’s natural resources, and compare historic primary sources with what you observe about your neighborhood today.
(Grades 2-5)


Stories of San Diego:

Examine primary source materials from the SDHC collection to discover influential San Diegans and become a living history exhibit. Engage in discussion to answer “What is a History Maker?” and “How can I be a History Maker?”
(Grades 2-5)


History Kits:

Available for grades K-12, with or without live virtual instruction, on many topics of San Diego history! Share your topic request or idea in the program request form.


Important information about programs from SDHC:

  • A program request is not a confirmation of your program. Programs are confirmed after communication regarding date, time, and topic, and receipt of $10 reservation fee.
  • $150 per session/class. No more than two classes/session per day, or approximately 60 students total per day. Grant funding is available for Title I schools.
  • Maximum capacity for programs is 30 students per session; multiple visits and sessions can be scheduled to reach all students.
  • We require at least 1 adult per 8 students for grades K-8 and at least 1 adult per 10 students for grades 9-12.


All programs include optional pre- and post-session bridging materials and activities to enhance student learning. All programs combine whole group exploration, small group discussion, and individual reflection, with short brain breaks built in. We can customize programs to meet your students’ needs! Submit a request to start the conversation!