Thank you for sharing your memories and reflections – they matter to us.

We’re especially glad to be capturing your insight regarding COVID-19 to be archived as part of the permanent collection at the San Diego History Center. From looking at the past we know – we as a community – we will weather this crisis and assist our fellow and future San Diegans.

Gracias por compartit sus memorias y recuerdos – nos importan.

Queremos capturar su memorias y recuerdos sobre COVID-19. Vamos a poner sus recuerdos en el archivo como parte de la colección permanente del Centro de Historia de San Diego. Al mirar el pasado, nosotros como comunidad, superaremos esta crisis y ayudaremos a nuestros compañeros y futuro ciudadanos de San Diego.


By submitting my story and its associated elements I acknowledge and agree that it may, at the discretion if the San Diego History Center, become part of the collection and agree that it may be made available to the public for research, education, publication, commercial and promotional use in formats that may differ from the original submittal.

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