Jose Antonio Altamirano (1835- )

josealtamiranoJose Antonio Altamirano was the son of Thomas Altamirano and Dolores Carrillo, and was born at La Paz, Lower California, May 31, 1835. His mother was a sister of Joaquin Carrillo, the father of Mrs. Henry D. Fitch; another of her brothers was Pedro C. Carrillo, who once owned the San Diego (Coronado) peninsula and sold it for $3000. Jose Ant. Altamirano came to California in 1849 and was first engaged in mining. In 1859 he went into stock raising on a large scale near San Jacinto. He owned the Valle de las Palmas rancho, near Tia Juana, in Lower California, which is still in the family, and was at one time the owner of the Algodones grant, on the Colorado river, near Yuma. In the Mexican War, he served on the American side. He lived at Old Town, where he married Ysabel de Pedrorena, daughter of Miguel de Pedrorena, and had a large family.

[from Smythe, William Ellsworth. History of San Diego, 1542-1908. San Diego: History Co., 1907. (page 162)]

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