José Maria Estudillo (?-1830)

Lieutenant of the Monterey Company in 1806-27, and captain of the San Diego Company from 1827 till his death in 1830. He may be said to have been the founder of the Estudillo family in California. His wife was Gertrudis Horcasitas. José Antonio, mentioned above, was the best known of his children. He also had José Joaquin, who lived on the San Leandro rancho, near San Francisco bay, whose three daughters all married Americans-María de Jesus becoming, the wife of Wm. Heath Davis. He also had a daughter, Magdalena, who was grantee of part of the Otay ranch 1829, and a daughter who married Lieutenant Manuel Gómez.

[from Smythe, William Ellsworth. History of San Diego, 1542-1908. San Diego: History Co., 1907. (page 169)]

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