Jose Antonio Serrano

joseserranoSERRANO, José Antonio, son of Leandro Serrano. Married Rafaela, daughter of Rosario Aguilar. Their children were: Jesus, who is about seventy-five years of age and lives at Ventura; Luis, born March 12, 1846, married Serafina Stewart daughter of John C. Stewart, and lives in San Diego; Rosa, who was married to Andrew Cassidy; and Adelaide, who was the first wife of Sam Ames. of Old Town. José Antonio Serrano was a horse and cattle man. He served under Pico in the Mexican War, and was engaged at the battle of San Pasqual.

[from Smythe, William Ellsworth. History of San Diego, 1542-1908. San Diego: History Co., 1907. (page 175)]

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