The Rising Tide, 1920-1941

CHRONOLOGY: 1920-1941

1920   Edward, Prince of Wales, addresses crowd of 25,000 in the city stadium.

1920   William Kettner retires from Congress and is succeeded by Phil D. Swing of Imperial County.

1920   Federal Census sets San Diego’s population at 74,683.

1921   Claim for right to water filed on Colorado River.

1922   Navy expansion includes completion of hospital in Balboa Park, units of the Supply Depot and Destroyer Base.

1922   Lieutenants Oakley Kelly and John Macready set a sustained flight record of 35 hours and 18 minutes.

1922   Lieutenant James H. Doolittle sets flight record from Jacksonville, Florida, to San Diego of 21 hours and 19 minutes.

1923   U.S. Naval Training Station commissioned.

1923   Navy takes first aerial photographs of eclipse of sun above San Diego.

1923   Lieutenants Kelly and Macready make first transcontinental non-stop flight from Mitchell Field, New York, to San Diego, in 26 hours and 50 minutes.

1923   First airplane refueling in air completed over San Diego.

1923   Boulder Dam Association formed by representatives of Southern California counties.

1923   Dedication of first southern all-weather transcontinental highway terminating at San Diego.

1924   New electric railway line opened to Mission Beach and La Jolla.

1924   U.S.S. Shenandoah moors at San Diego at end of first dirigible transcontinental flight.

1925   City agrees to buy San Dieguito water system.

1925   John D. Spreckels opens new $4,000,000 amusement center at Mission Beach.

1925   Ryan Airlines, Inc. establishes air passenger service between Los Angeles and San Diego, first in the United States.

1926   E. W. Scripps dies on his yacht off the coast of Liberia, Africa.

1926   City Council adopts Second Nolen Plan as a guide.

1926   John D. Spreckels, financial patriarch of San Diego, dies.

1926   Route from Savannah, Georgia, to San Diego designated Highway 80.

1927   City voters approve a Civic Center on the tidelands.

1927   Metropolitan Water District organized.

1927   Charles Lindbergh leaves for St. Louis in his San Diego-built plane, Spirit of St. Louis.

1927   Lindbergh makes the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris.

1927   Lindbergh returns to San Diego to receive ovation of 60,000 persons in City Stadium.

1928   Ira C. Copley purchases The San Diego Union and Evening Tribune.

1928   President Coolidge signs Boulder Dam Project Act.

1928   Agua Caliente Hotel and Casino open in Baja California.

1928   Lindbergh Field dedicated.

1929   Tuna clipper Atlantic leads four vessels to Galapagos Islands tuna fishing areas.

1929   Prudden Aircraft Co. becomes Solar Aircraft Co.

1929   State Supreme Court rules City of San Diego entitled to all water of the San Diego River.

1929   Presidio Park and museum dedicated on 160th anniversary of first California mission.

1929   Stock market collapse and beginning of the Great Depression.

1929   New $1,800,000 Fox Theatre building dedicated.

1930   Tuna catch for first time exceeds 100 million pounds.

1931   New City Charter adopted for city manager form of government.

1931   New San Diego State College dedicated.

1931   U.S.S. Saratoga, Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, enters San Diego harbor.

1932   Franklin D. Roosevelt elected President.

1932   San Diego County has 16,000 persons unemployed and 4000 families on direct relief.

1932   Dirigible Akron arrives from New Jersey; two men killed in mooring.

1932   Planes in Army-Navy review total 420.

1933   Gov. James Rolph Jr. orders bank holiday.

1933 Southern California earthquake kills 121 persons.

1933   Transfer of 200,000 acres of federal land establishes Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

1933   The Navy flies six Consolidated P2Ys to Cocc Solo, Canal Zone, in 25 hours and 20 minutes.

1933   Hard liquor restored with repeal of 18th Amendment.

1933   All-American Canal approved as an emergency project and $6,000,000 allocated to start work

1934   Socialist Upton Sinclair makes unsuccessful bid for governor with his EPIC Plan.

1935   California Pacific International Exposition opens.

1935   Gambling banned in Mexico; Agua Caliente closes.

1935   Boulder Dam completed.

1935   Consolidated Aircraft Corporation dedicates new plant at Lindbergh Field after moving from Buffalo, New York.

1935   Groundbreaking ceremonies held for the Civic Center.

1935   Rockwell Field and all of North Island comes under Navy jurisdiction.

1936   San Diego’s exposition reopens for a second season.

1936   WPA advances a half million dollars for construction of County Fair and race track at Del Mar.

1937   Squadron of Consolidated Catalinas flies nonstop from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, and another squadron from San Diego to the Panama Canal.

1938   Civic Center dedicated by President Roosevelt.

1938   Ham and Eggs pension measure fails in California; San Diego County supports it by a majority of more than 3000.

1939   Hitler invades Poland; two days later Britain and France declare war.

1939   Ham and Eggs again defeated; San Diego County conforms with other sections of the state.

1939   Metropolitan Aqueduct completed to Lake Mathews, the terminal reservoir.

1940   Formal dedication of All-American Canal.

1940   Consolidated Aircraft Corporation employment rises to 9000.

1940   Federal census gives San Diego City a population of 203,321 and the county 289,348.

1941   Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.