The Explorers, 1492-1774


The History of San Diego is a seven volume series covering the history of San Diego from the time of European exploration through 1970. The first book begins with Native Americans in the San Diego region before European colonization. These books were originally commissioned by James S. Copley and subsequently by Helen K. Copley, of the Copley Newspapers. They were all written by Richard F. Pourade, editor emeritus of The San Diego Union, one of the Copley newspapers, and were published between 1960 and 1977.

The complete text of The History of San Diego: v.1 The Explorers, 1492-1774 is presented here and can be navigated in the sidebar. A hard copy is available on site in the Research Library and contains many images and an index.

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The complete text of the Pourade series is presented here with the express permission of the Copley Press. All text and images are Copyright © Union-Tribune Publishing Company or Copley Press, unless otherwise noted.